Info on the Papillon 30?

  1. I just got a Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Papillon 30 at the boutique at the Americana. Why can't I find its date code or the place it was made? I looked inside it and the little mini pap that came with it with a flashlight, but I can't find anything. Do Papillon 30s not have date codes on them? Or am I just not looking in the right spot?

  2. They do, but the date code isn't in the most visible spot. I didn't bother to look for the date code on my damier papillon when I bought it, because I didn't want to mess the shape of the bag up. I forgot exactly where it is on the bag, though.
  3. It's there. It's imprinted on the inner part of the bag towards the top on the side portion. You might had to kind of flip out the zipper portion carefully to find it. I just remember that's what I had to, but don't remember the exact location since I sold mine last week. Look for it under a bright light!
  4. It's very difficult to find the date code, be careful of hurting your bag! It's close to the zipper, all the way at the end of the bag, on the long panel (not the flat round end panels) so that's why it's difficult to see.
  5. I'm the same way and almost damaged my bag trying to find it. I did find it when I first bought it...but I can't find it again...
  6. It's here:
  7. ooh thanks!
  8. ^^^ No problem!:biggrin: