Info on the Op Art Sophia~

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  1. Just spoke with my favorite SA....The small op art sophia#15935 14x10x3 $298.00 will come in silver/black~silver/khaki~silver/silver~brass/crimson~brass/mahogony(I think it is brass hw on this one)Hope this helps anyone interested in the sig. sophia~I love the style of this bag, but it is way too small for me:sad:I was going to start saving and I'am getting PCE but not interested now.I wasn't going to buy any FP bags, but I would have made an exception for this one. I love the op art sophia's, she's just too small~
  2. You should put this info in the Upcoming fall thread instead of starting a new thread:smile: It just makes it easier to have it all in one place.
  3. is there only the small size ?? could you not get the larger one ??
  4. This one looks interesting. I'm really loving red today!!

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  5. I saw this bag in NYC in the Madison store! I loved it! It just grabs your eye!
  6. It looks like the studded brooke a while back...are those studs or just the appearance?
  7. Dawnqueen, it comes in large. I want the large too!
  8. They aren't studs. They're like a metallic printing on the fabric.
  9. Oh, I figured, where there are other questions about the sophia's here, it wouldn't hurt..I don't think the Siggy Sophia has been mentioned yet;)
  10. Sure.
  11. Yeah, I think where I'am content with my glam, I may just donate my pce this time..It's odd, I got 3 in a row, then this last one, nothing and now I get this one~I'll never understand them..But when I didn't get the last one,the Outlet sent me one.:biggrin:
  12. Do you think that is red? Is this the crimson? It looks more aubergine/burgundy than actual red - I have an aubergine siggy Zoe, so I don't need that color again. I want a real red (think Christmas red) - like the crimson patent Sophia - just not patent. And I do like the idea of siggy.

    There was a cherry Brooke before - that would look great on Sophia.
  13. The color code is crimson.... but I agree. It looks more burgandy.
  14. I think I could make this work for me,no problem at all, but that slouching over in front drives me batty. For those of you that dont me well enough, im no friend of the slouch
  15. So I got my e-pce today and have decided I will get the Small op art dot sophia 15935 in either sv/teal, sv/black, or silver/silver.I just got a glam in khaki/gold so I don't want the sv/khaki or the brass/mahogony.The SA at my store, says they are not that small 15x12x3, so I can live with that, I love the style and shape of the Sophia..It will be $224.00 w/ PCE/:yahoo: