Info on the new floral scarf and tote

  1. Even the SA's at the store couldnt figure out what the problem was, but I was unable to order the new floral scarf today. Hmmm...they had the SA on hold from JAX for like 1/2 hour - I had to finally just say ok forget it - I have to go get my son from preschool!! They did take down my info and said they would call me when it comes in, hopefully at the end of the week. Also just FYI they said that the matching floral tote is showing up in limited quantities in the warehouse, so anyone interested in these items should jump on them as soon as they come out, or it might be too late. I hope to get a call about my scarf, but if not I'll call them again on Friday to check.
  2. Hmm, thats weird. I'm going to call tonight to order the peony tote and try to get the scarf too, i'll let you know what happens!
  3. Maja please definitely let me know if you are able to get one. The SA that helped me today was not my usual one, and she was a bit "confused" during my entire transaction! But another SA was kinda working with her, and neither of them could get it ordered for me - so strange.
  4. I just called and she said it's not available yet and she didn't even have an in stock date for it. So I don't know! I did order the tote though so yay! If they call you or you find out from your SA when they will be available, please let us know too! I really want that scarf!!
  5. That is sooo odd, but ok at least I wasnt the only one unable to order it!!! Yes, I'll post as soon as I hear back from my store, and if I dont hear by the end of the week then I'll start bugging them. Thanks for the update - I appreciate it! and congrats on the tote - that is just too cute.
  6. Maja- What did they say on the #s for the tote? Is there a good supply that could hold out until maybe December? (TIA!)
  7. I will be calling my SA tomorrow. I must have that bag.
  8. Correct me if I am wrong, but weren't the floral items for the Japanese market? I don't know where I got that, but it seems like I read it or heard it somewhere before. I hope I am wrong, I really want that scarf!!! Please do post and let us know what you find out.
  9. Well.. they are in the Look Book at the boutiques, so I doubt they are Japanese exclusives.
  10. Yesterday I saw the totes in the look book, but they didn't have the scarf (although the SA said that they dont always have new accessories in there).
  11. You know, I didn't ask about quantities but I should have because my friend wants one too and I told her she could use my PCE in December for it. So i'm sorry but maybe someone else here who orders it can ask! Sorry!
  12. hmm. i gave my sa the number today and she was able to pull it up and said i could order it. wierd.
  13. You were able to order the scarf? Hmm, maybe I will call back and check again.
  14. Well I don't know but I just called again and they still said it wasn't available and they didn't know when it would be. Oh well, i'm confused!
  15. I am starting to really like the floral tote!! I think it might have to go on my wishlist :graucho: