Info on the HAC

  1. Hi ladies!

    I've been browsing through the Reference Section, but I'm still a bit clueless about the HAC... :confused1:

    I've totally fallen in love with the ones I've seen, especially the 32 cm size. Then the question is, what color, what leather and how much will it cost (approx)? Since I live north of nowhere I will probably spend a good 10 years trying to get a hold of one, but a girl can dream can't she? :P

    What I am looking for is a nice chocolate color leather (no exotics), that has a bit of a slouch to it. I don't want a stiff bag like box (is that correct or am I confused again..? :rolleyes:), but I still want a relatively smooth, but durable leather. I guess I'm high maintenance... :P

    So what do you think a baby like this will cost me, and how difficult do you think it would be to obtain? Any suggestions on color, leather, hardware etc. is greatly appreciated. Never ever thought I would dare to dream of such a bag, but tPF and you ladies have won me over, I need one! Mind you I'm only 26 so I've got plenty of time... ;)
  2. swift leather is smooth and soft... however, it scratches easily and doesnt have the luxurious patina of box..... as for durable... you can always send your HAC to hermes for reconditioning... that's the beauty of buying a hermes bag
  3. The HAC is my love too and one day I hope to get one (in a couple years). I saw one at the SF H in epsom for $7,000. I'm not sure what size it was exactly but it was gorgeous! :flowers: