Info on SS2008 in Hong Kong

  1. I had a sneak peak at the staff training manual for SS08 today and as far as I can remember (please don’t be made if I recall incorrectly!):
    - The patent flats are coming in (IMO awful) colours of neon pink, green, yellow, orange. They will cost HK$4,800 and the one with heal will skyrocket to HK$5700.
    - Paris Biarritz will come in the same neon colours…ewl…I’m sorry but I’m a fan of black.
    - The Coco’s puzzle collection will only be in navy and black. No electric blue, red or white. The manual expects arrival on March 1.
    - The one with the circular camellia print, pressed onto ‘vintage’ vinyl, will come in black and silver. The style that looks like “the rock” will be HK$19,000.
    - The Bow bag will only come in satin, it seems small size in navy and large size in black. The small will be HK$9,800.
    - The 2.55 clutch will come in metallic black, metallic navy, patent red and patent navy I think. There will be quite a lot of stock of these.
    - Rain boots will come in black with neon pink sole HK$2,000. All pink will be HK$1,900.
    That’s all I can remember!
  2. Thanks J, I am interested in the 2.55 clutch, do you know roughly how much??
    and the rain boots sounds fun too.....

    Do you plan to get any of these?
  3. There are two styles for the 2.55 clutch. One with just one mademoiselle lock and the other with one on each side. The one with one on each side in metallic patent is $19,700. I cant recall the price of the other.:p
  4. how about the reissue bags??
  5. Do you know the size of Coco puzzle bag? Thanks!
  6. Thanks so much ya.... will swing by the shop and take a look... :smile:
  7. I'm not planning on purchasing a reissue this season so I didnt mentally note down any details. Sorry about that, altho I note that many of the metallic reissues are already available at the stores (but probably subject to waitlists).
  8. I don't know about the size yet, I asked about the same thing in the post about the one that is available in Manchester. Will let you know if my SA is able to find out the details.