Info on Sofia bag

  1. Hello everybody,

    I came across a preowned Sofia bag that I like but I have some questions ince I'm not familiar with the bag:
    - it seems that it comes in 2 different leather, a grained one and a smoother one, right? The one I'm looking at is in smooth leather, does it scratch easily? does the bag keep its shape better since it's more rigid? I like how the grain leather looks so soft but somehow it seems to loose shape and flop easily.
    -the 41 cm Sofia could work also a small overnight bag? I mean, not to carry the kitchen and sink, but a toilet trousse and some light things like scarves or t-shirt?
    thank you so much!
  2. i dont have the 41, moreover i dont have the version that you have (must be textile lined right?). the textile lined i heard flop easily. mine is the leather lined and it is more structured.

    i do have one sofia is smooth leTher. well it's not really smooth as you can feel striation in it, like extremely shallow texture. mine does not scratch easily, and does not have any color transfer although the color is nutmed (taupe)
  3. i ended up holding getting a Sofia until they came back around as leather lined. I have it in pebbled leather. I am I think 18 months in. Maybe 2 years? Mine has held it shape pretty well at this point. There is a smidge of slouch when siting up completely empty. But not much. Holds it shaped perfectly when packed with normal stuff. The smooth leather is even stiffer, but it does seem to scratch a bit - as smooth calf does. If it is going to bug you, don't get a smooth bag.

    Another reason I got the pebbled was because it was easier to make it feel more casual. I realized the polished would make it less versatile for me. I use the Sofia for weekend and work occasions. My office is casual but I typically for business casual.
  4. Thank you! The one I'm looking is lined in leather, that's a plus for me. I wonder if it gets heavy
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