Info on Pond


Jul 31, 2006
For anyone who is interested, I was talking to a Coach SA today about the pond color - if she had seen the Pond color IRL and what it was like. She said she had and she liked it, but that the pics in the catalogue made it seem very chambray/deminish as opposed to what it was really like. She said there really wasn't anything in the store currently to compare it to, but said it was definitely more turquiose than what the pics showed (for those who have the catalogue, she compared it to the color of the turquoise necklace the model on the last couple of pages is wearing).

Just passing on the info. Also, thanks to all the ladies here who have it and the woman I saw yesterday with it, I wound up getting the legacy ponytail scarf! I tied it on a Kooba (sorry - deviated from Coach for a second) I got for Christmas and it looks adorable! Just had to share the last part!