Info on pleated ergo accessories

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  1. these are for the pleated ergos in leather and signature.

    checkbook 41481 signature 41490 $228

    billfold wallet 41477 signature 41486 $168

    wristlet 41507 signature 41508 $98
    measurements for wristlet about 8 x 5 in
    will come in black, natural, white, burnt orange for the leather

    i only cared about the wristlet so found out more info on them.
  2. aw man i wanted to get the tattersall scarf with legacy stripes on the other side to match the pleated ergo satchel that i'm gonna get but they can't be ordered at the boutique. so bummed out. oh well.
  3. Thanks for the info about the pleated ergo accessories. For the legacy stripe tattersall scarf, I think you can still order it from Dillards or Macy's website.
  4. your welcome and thanks for the info on the scarf!
  5. More info on the pleated ergo accessories... I just called JAX.. the wallets/wristlets are only available in the leather... black/burnt orange/white/natural... they aren't coming out apparently in the patent... thats a bummer! I really wanted a patent navy to match my bag... now its going to be hard to find matching accessories! :crybaby:
  6. I got my scaft from Jax is sold out and coachgirl 12 the lining is tattersall so any of the tattersall wallet or wristlet will go not the coated ones the older style the french wallet or wristlet would be so cute!
  7. Yeah unfortunately mary G, i'm not loving those wallets/wristlets (the older ones-thanks for suggesting them!)... I was hoping there was going to be a matching wallet/wristlet for all the patent ones as well... it would've only made sense... guess not though... :crybaby:
  8. ^^what's a billfold wallet??
  9. Thanks for the heads up!:tup:
  10. aw i know it would've made sense to make a matching wristlet/wallet in the patent colors. maybe later? hopefully.
  11. Don't try to match the bag to your accessories, try a punch of color like the burnt orange, or go subtle with the natural. Both colors in leather add a very nice contrast to the Navy Patent, IMO...
  12. COACHGIRL12 i cant wait till you get yours and post pics so that i can make my decision if i am getting the patent navy or black leather!!!!
  13. My SA told me this is dept store exclusive...I'm hoping to pick one up as is adorable!!
  14. Awhhhh I would have loved a pink patent wristlet! Sad day:crybaby:
  15. Thank you for that info! As soon as I get my black one next week, I plan to order the matching wristlet. Then I am SO DONE!!!