Info on new xlarge jumbo flap coming out "the maxi"

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  1. Hi I have received a few inquiries about the new Extra Large Jumbo Caviar Flap coming out in '09, so I'm posting the information.

    The bag will be in caviar in many colors and in lamb. Price $3250 for caviar and $3450 for lamb.

    The dimensions are 13.93 X 9 X 3.93, about an inch larger all over, and an inch and a third longer ...

    The bag is called "the maxi" it's coming out around jan/feb /09. I received dimensions from the corp. office.

    My Sales Assoc. is Leslie from Saks Fifth Avenue in Greenwich, CT.

    I never bought from her but she has gone overboard to assist and look things up for me. Here's the number for Saks, not direct. Ask for Chanel handbags and then for Leslie. I have no affliation with her other than to get info on a few handbags.


    Saks Fifth Avenue
    (203) 862-5300
    205 Greenwich Ave
    Greenwich, CT
  2. thanks for posting this info. Chanel prices is getting higher and higher...:crybaby:
  3. :goodpost:
  4. Thanks for posting!
  5. :ty:THANKS for the info! I can't wait to see it!!!
  6. Very useful info, thanks for sharing! :tup:
  7. thank you very much for posting!!!!!
  8. Thanks for sharing!!!
  9. thank you for the post.. i wonder if the cc will be small or large like the "vintage" chanel flap... cant wait to see them...
  10. The CC is larger than the CC on the JUMBO's now. But from the photo, I was told it is not as quite as large as the old Vintage. Leslie will know when she gets more info, but I can say she was the only one that found this out for me. I called corp for the size, but everyone said they had no idea what I was talking about. Therefore, I was impressed when I got a call from Leslie from Saks in Greenwich, CT -- telling me the name of the handbag and when it would come out. None of the Chanel stores in NYC would help me...

    Perhaps the CCs will be as large. ..give it a few more weeks becuse the trunk shows are coming out and they may know more ...

  11. ^^^ Thank you so much for this helpful info Francesca! Your persistence paid off! :smile:
  12. wow..great info! but the price..ouchh
  13. Ok I really hate to say this but the name of it reminds me of sanitary pads. :P Anyway I am excited to see a huge bag for more functional usage.
  14. thanks for the great inside info!! scary prices though :wtf:
  15. now the prices are just getting higher n higher...thx 4 t info