Info on maxi pls

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  1. so im interested in the maxi in caviar leather.
    could anyone pls give me the prices in both euro and/or usd, with and/or without tax.
    and also does it come in gold hardware?? im confused as everyone is saying different things at this point.
    Id love a black with goldhardware.
    If anyone has comparison pics with the jumbo tht would be great!
    thanxx alot for the help ladies

  2. Price on caviar is $2850 plus tax I believe
  3. Some colours come with gold hardware, however I think the black only has silver.
  4. Hi Tamana,
    Please check out this link in regards to the Maxi. There's also a few more threads on the Maxi (just do a search within the Chanel forum). Good luck!

  5. I just wanted to add that the lambskin maxi does come in gold h/w!