INFO on Madonna's NEW 2008 Album !!!

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  1. Album Info
    The album is expected to have an overall hip-hop feel, with Madonna lining up Timbaland and Pharrell Williams. The album title has been reportably called "Licorice" although this has been disputed by Liz Rosenberg.

    First Single
    The first single is going to be called "4 minutes to Save the world" and features Timbaland and Justin Timbalake. It will be released on radio's later this month or early next month. On 16 December 2007, Timbaland played part of "4 Minutes to Save the World" at Jingle Ball in Philadelphia, with Timbaland singing live over the Madonna/Timberlake vocals. A person attending the show made a recording of the song, which soon after was made available on the internet. Versions placed on YouTube were quickly removed. The music video is to be directed by Jonas Åkerlund. Timbaland and Timberlake are set to appear along with Madonna in the music video.

    Single/Album and Video Rumours
    Somebody who posted on another forum in 2005 that Madonna would have red hair and wear D&G on the cover of Confessions on a dancefloor A Long time before it was released said about the single:

    *American radios received the single.

    *European radios will receive it next Monday.

    *The most famous Italian radio received the radio edit this evening- it will air before due to Sanremo festival.

    *There is also long club dub version of "4 minutes" .

    *She is blonde in artcover, will be blonde in the video but very very new.

    *Fashion style for video & promo tour: all I can say ....remember beautiful stranger video???

    *3rd working title is "Urbanbeat Queen"

    *photoshoot theme: bricks, graffiti, jeans

    *straight hair

    *lots of jewellery (remember 'Into the Groove' look)

    *1st working title: Subculture Lady

    *2nd working title: Give it To Me

    *M is very interested in naming the album 'Block Party'
  2. Fabulous - thanks for sharing. Can't wait!
  3. Ohhh can't wait!!!! I've been waiting for some new Madonna!!!!
  4. LOVE ANYTHING WITH TIMBALAND! Whoo hoo! I loved confessions on the dance floor too. Can't wait!
  5. Will be interesting to hear...
  6. LMFAO I hope she doesn't try to rap again. It was like listening to a trainwreck. But in all honesty, I think her time has come. She should just retire as a legend and stop trying to re-invent herself because it's just getting old. She's so desperate to be hip, grabbing onto all the latest generation of hipster artists, it's excruciating to watch.

    I think she should just stick to Gap commercials. But that's just me.