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  1. Hello All!
    Does anyone have any info or experience buying or selling on the site??? Is it a reputable site? There are only a few LV's on now...wondering if it gets much traffic???
    Thanks for any info!!!!
  2. They're newer from what I saw, I first noticed them a few months ago. I listed a bag on there a bit ago (it ended up selling on another site so I took it down later) and they were very friendly and had good communication for any questions I had. Also when I listed it they told me that the pics would be put through a three step authentication process in order to stay up, so it seems that they authenticate themselves, which is pretty cool I think. They may have more traffic than bidders, and I think that because everyone seems to have heard of them, but those same bags have been up there for a I'm not sure. If you have a bag you may as well list it there I think. You can list it other places too and just take it down if it sells on another site (like mine did).