Info on First Two Coach Legacy Boutiques

  1. February 05, 2007 07:00 AM Eastern Time
    Coach Announces Plans for First Two Coach Legacy Boutiques

    Openings Planned in New York and Los Angeles

    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Coach, Inc. (NYSE: COH), a leading marketer of modern classic American accessories, today announced plans to open its first two Coach Legacy boutiques this fall, which will be located in New York and Los Angeles. Both stores will be located in neighborhoods well known for their stylish shoppers: Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles and Bleecker Street in New York’s Greenwich Village. These concept boutiques will reflect a more intimate new store design to showcase an edited assortment of Coach’s more innovative product offering, including limited edition items that will be unique to these stores.
    Reed Krakoff, President and Executive Creative Director of Coach, said, “With these concept boutiques, we will be entering new territory for the Coach brand, essentially allowing us to see how far we can take Legacy as a stand-alone concept. The shops will be focused toward the fashion consumer, to heighten our appeal among style innovators and trendsetters, as well as drive editorial interest.”
    Lew Frankfort, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Coach, Inc. said, “We have built our brand in part by showcasing our extremely well-made products in environments that underscore their luxurious nature. This has been particularly true in recent years. The new Legacy concept boutiques will provide a different take on Coach, conveying the intimacy of the brand and giving us the opportunity to expand our appeal with our more sophisticated consumer, as our limited edition product becomes a more important part of our offering.”
    “Further, we view these boutiques as laboratories, where we can pilot emerging collections, which represent the next evolution of the brand. We will leverage the intimacy that this smaller boutique environment will provide to feature our most innovative products. Ultimately, this will fuel brand excitement, impacting our entire retail store base,” Mr. Frankfort concluded.
    Coach’s concept stores will be designed by the Coach Architecture Group under the direction of Reed Krakoff. Each store will feature cream and mahogany awnings with a new horse and carriage logo, unique to the concept store. In particular, the Bleecker Street store, located between Perry and Charles Streets, will be about 1,200 square feet, on one floor with two entrances, and will feature the original restored copper façade. The Los Angeles store on Robertson Boulevard between Alden Drive and Third Street will be also be about 1,200 square feet on one floor.
    The interiors of both stores will be inspired by the Legacy shop-in-shop at Coach’s Madison Avenue flagship and will utilize wood plank flooring with wall treatments of Venetian plaster and traditional paneling painted white. A residential feel will be creating by the use of furniture and displays built of natural wood and polished bronze finishes. The layout will be a combination of both large and small scaled elements to present the wide range of product. Subdued, indirect lighting will reinforce the intimate scale of the space. The layering of stylized visual and decorative elements will also reinforce the lifestyling of the brand. The merchandise offering will include handbags, small leather goods, footwear, outerwear, sunwear, fragrance, jewelry and related accessories.
    In addition, the company will be expanding the number of Legacy shop-in-shops within their existing stores during fiscal year 2008, taking them to a worldwide total of about 35 - from 25 currently - including a total of 20 in North America retail stores, nine in Japan and up to six in International Wholesale locations.
  2. thanks for the update!! i wish i live close to la or ny!
  3. Thanks for the info.. Lucky for Coach lovers who live in NY or LA
  4. Sounds too expensive to me, like they are catering to the stars with rare items we won't know about unless we have a NYC Boardie who fills us in...
  5. I live in New York and am looking forward to this store opening.
    When the store opens in the fall I will go and take some pictures
    and post them in the forum.

  6. Exciting!

    Except I hope I don't feel too intimidated walking in the store.
  7. Oh great Thanks Liz!!
  8. I wish I still lived in CA then I could go to the LA one! Oh well, that just means whenever I go home to visit, I'll have to make a trip!
  9. Well, I'm near NY but I may chicken out going into the boutique...sounds rather upper class.
  10. of course it will be in NY and LA! :rolleyes:

    I need one close to me!!!!
  11. Oh man I can't wait! Hopefully I will end up going to grad school in NYC - if so, I will totally check it out and take pics!
  12. Come on girls, lets not be intimidated to go into these. We're just as worthy as everybody else! I for one am going in. *nodnod*
  13. :yes: me too! :nuts: I just figure more coach = good, right?
  14. Yeah yeah NYC and LA, what else is new? How about some other places that don't already get all the LE stuff to begin with? Sniff.

  15. Darn right! Coach is still Coach. Now going into an Hermes boutique...? I probably wouldn't. But Coach will always be Coach to me, no matter how much more upscale they're trying to get. :smile: