Info on fakes, stolen pictures, on ebay

  1. Here is a tip. We all report the fakes and stolen pictures but that is time consuming and often doesn't work that fast.
    Most of these multiple listings are highjacked accounts. The seller has no clue these bags are listed. One email to the seller usually results in all of the listings getting removed in a very short time.
    For some reason, the highjackers either don't or can't change the email address of the ebay members account that they stole. I discovered this by accident when I sent a message to the seller one time and flat out asked why they were stealing other people's pics and auctions. I got an answer from the real owner of the ebay account that their account had been highjacked.
    Last night, once again, I saw multiple listings from a seller with great feedback. I sent them a message, asking why they were listing auctions with stolen pictures.
    They answered and the auctions are all deleted pronto.
    Here is the response and this is the typical response:
    do not bid on these items. they are not ours. we are not selling anything. ebay is investigating. this is a fraud. we are not selling any items. thanks
    Nothing gets things removed faster than a pi**ed off ebay member that has had their account hacked into.:P
  2. You are a genius Powder. It will be done! (at least for what's regarding me)
  3. Great information! Thank you.
  4. What's the highjacking? they are just copying the pics and the text? or?... I appologize for the silly question in advance... :smile:)
  5. Highjacking is when somebody "steals" your ... say... car!

    eBay is very dangerous. I only buy from vendors.
  6. I've been reporting to ebay and they get pulled okay. I will write the account owner a note when the account seems active from now on! Last night there was an account unused since 1999! Pretty sure emailing that account wouldn't work. I thought the hijacker took changed the email address too. So you think they just get the money sent to them?

    If a seller has a bunch of 'new' designer handbags with one photo, bag isn't properly described, shipping is high, one day buy it now auction and you check the feedback the account hasn't been used lately or hasn't been used for selling or selling something entirely different - you may be looking at a hijacked account.

    I love reporting the hijacks too. Best takedown had over 100 listings.
  7. prolly stupid question: how can you tell if the account has been unused?