Info on Elisa Style No. 11447?

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  1. I dying to get this bag; Coach has posted it on it's website and states it will be available online 4/19. So they say in the description page that it is available at the NYC Bleecker Street store or call the customer service number they provide. I call boutique - they offer to put you on the waiting list! Huh?! Then I call the customer service number and they say the same thing! It is very frustrating and deceiving, because instead of being able to order the actual bag the way you assume (never assume, i guess), it is NOT AVAILABLE! I then just as a last resort call the Madison Ave, NYC store and they said they were sold out - I guess the SA didn't even realize they were coming out with the new ones in new colors (they previously sold this bag in whiskey)! GRRRRRR!:cursing:
    Anybody have been able to purchase or have any further info on availability? Thanks!
  2. hi
    No, previously the bag sold in Walnut, but a few people were still finding them through dept stores.

    The new release can only be bought through Legacy Boutique (or CS if that is what they told you). I don't think they were doing backorders on that bag so the only way may be to add yourself to the wait list.
  3. I was on the waitlist for two days then they called and said they had one available (maybe it was the color - Natural) and shipped to me. The more popular colors will take longer.

    BTW I returned it today......did not "slouch" properly and despite everyone telling me it would be too big for an everyday bag I didn't listen....and it was too big.
  4. Hmmm. . . now I am really confused. . . I called CS one week ago on Monday morning, and the gal I spoke to said the release date to order - through CS or boutique - was April 11, which will be this Friday. Very confusing.

    Edit: I was just thinking that if you call "after hours" (is Sunday after regular hours?), then CS does not have access to updates and what is coming out when, only current stock that you can order right then and there. Otherwise they always say it is sold out. Even if it hasn't been released yet.
  5. I hoe you're right about this coming Friday! Gonna keep checkin'!:graucho:
  6. The original color released to all stores was Walnut. Five new colors were released later, exclusively to the Legacy Boutique. They didn't receive alot and they sold-out quickly. The Legacy Boutique expects to receive approx 40, in each of those same 5 colors (Geranium, Navy, Camel, Natural & Saddle). Currently the only way to purchase these colors is by adding your name to the waitlist at the Legacy Boutique. While this procedure is different than other orders you can place, it's not a big deal to call and give them your request. It's a great looking bag, I own the Walnut & Geranium, for now, I'm on the list for another!
  7. Hi- I was typing on the iPhone earlier and couldn't copy/paste, but what did you find deceiving? Was it that you expected to be able to order the bag earlier than the release date listed or is it that it is possibly sold out BEFORE the listed date of availability or something else?

  8. I've never done this, but that's interesting... When you get on a list like this, do you pay in advance or only when the item is in stock and ready to ship??
  9. Look at the way they word it: This product is exclusive to our Legacy Boutique. You may purchase this item by visiting the Legacy Boutique or calling 1 877 262 2404.

    NO WAY DOES IT SAY IT IS NOT AVAILABLE YET THRU THE BOUTIQUE OR THE TOLL FREE NUMBER! It clearly does not state PRE-ORDER. It says "You may purchase......"

    This says when it's available online:
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif]Brass/Camel, Brass/Geranium, Brass/Natural, Brass/Navy, Brass/Saddle available online on 4/19
    I wouldn't expect to get it ONLINE before this date. See what I mean?
  10. Ahhh okay I get it. You read these as separate and I would have "assumed' (there is that word again!) that the release was the same for both.

    They need to update the website to reflect current stock at the Legacy Boutique, which I do not "think" they do.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me!
  11. Someone else on here got a call about a pink briefcase. From the way her post read, I think they call you and ask if you are still interested in purchasing and then gather purchase info then.
  12. In my case for this style, I gave the boutique my CC information, and I'll be charged when the item is shipped. Just like the way other backorders are done. Another time I did request to be notified when I was looking for a different bag, they called when it became available and I paid at that time.
  13. I'm sorry but I still don't completely understand.

    I do see that there is a conflict between reading that this style can be purchased from the Legacy Boutique and the website showing an availability date of 4/19. But if you've called the boutique and they've informed you how you can be included to purchase the bag, where's the problem?

    Maybe it's staring me in the face, but I'm missing your point... :confused1:
  14. I thought it was only available 4/19 online but I thought i could've bought it immediately if I called the boutique or the phone number - key word being immediately! ;)
  15. So exited, the Elisa finally went for sale yest. on the Coach site (when ya least expect it, huh? Good thing I had the page bookmarked!) and the navy is already sold out until 4/24! The other colors are all available, camel, saddle, geranium, and natural. I had already grabbed the Navy!:yahoo:
    Overnighted it should get it Tuesday! Very! Excited! Hope it's as good as I think it will be!