info on distressed caviar flaps

  1. hi ladies,

    i was wondering whether anyone can give me some information about distressed caviar they only come in certain sizes/colors, preference for distressed caviar/ lambskin/ caviar, is it the same thing as the hybrid, prices, etc etc..

    thank you all!
  2. The only distressed Caviar flaps I know are the hybrids, seen them in e/w, and Jumbo..
  3. I have a black distressed caviar flap. It's a medium/large size (10"x6'). Double flap. Like Ice earl says, it's the hybrid - it has the MM lock and the new chain. The caviar is soft and it has the distressed look - like scratches all over. I love it.
    I think it also comes in a bordeaux colour, white and ?brown.
    I bought mine off eBay. I think it retails at $2275 but not sure if affected by price increase.
    Hope that helps......
  4. thanks so much for all your info!

    are they part of the permanent collection or only seasonal/ special edition...?

    i just saw a white one at south coast plaza and an SA told me they only come in one size- medium.....???
  5. It's a seasonal item, not a permanent one. I have the black Jumbo. You should check with NM on availability. Not all stores bought this style. I got mine from Steph at NM San Antonio and she was great!