INFO on Damier Sophie Hawaii!!!!****

  1. My brother will be traveling to Hawaii in Aug/Sept and then off to Japan (Marine). I called LV in Hawaii and asked about the protocol for him purchasing a Damier Sophie for me..what I would need to do versus what my brother would need to do. I was told that my brother would be required to make the purchase and I could reimburse him. No problem. I then told him what I would like for him to hold for me, Damier Sophie.

    Response~ There are no more. We were only given a limited small number. I said- No problem he is off to Japan next and he could probably pick one up there. The SA stated that Japan will have a LOT more and have a better chance of getting one.

    I asked how many were produced and he did not know.

    I just thought I would pass on the info...

    If anyone has an extra Damier Sophie...let me know, before I make my brother run all around Japan for a designer bag... He is so NOT in the loop and will probably get lost LOL!:nuts:
  2. But isn't the Damier Sophie being released in November?
  3. I don't know...I didn't ask him that, as once he told me no more...I was :wtf:...nevermind...I am also not sure how long my brother is going to stay in Hawaii, as they have to go there first for a stint and then Japan. They don't really give them a time frame. It all depends on the changing national security levels..
  4. Thanks for the info!
  5. No More??????? I waitlisted for one & didn't get the call yet....I wonder if I am not getting one now. I thought the release date is Aug 1st?
  6. Kittyluv~ I am sure the SA meant that they are all spoken for. So worries for you. :okay:..just me..looking and trying to figure where my Brother will be to get one..LOL!
  7. Thanks for the info.
  8. The Damier Sophie is being released in AUGUST in HAWAII.I am getting one.
  9. :woohoo::happydance::winkiss::rochard: wish I were you! Congrats!
  10. Why only Hawaii and Japan :crybaby:

    I so want a damier Sophie, but I don't know anybody going to either these places within the next month - I'm so sad
  11. Last time I checked with my SA, I heard that it was being released in September. I guess that I'm going to have to follow up on it soon since I'm currently on vacation and won't be able to pick it up if its being released in August.
  12. okay here is the 411:

    I got a call 2 days ago that mine is on hold for me until the release date of aug 1st when I will have my BIL's sister buy mine for me.

    Ala Moana and Waikiki are waiting till Aug 1st to call those on the waitlist to let them know if they will be getting them or not.

    Hilton in Oahu got a very small amount and as of right now, they are totally spoken if you haven't received a call from them yet, it's pretty much a certainty that you won't be getting one if you put your name on their waitlist.

    Each person is allowed to buy 2, that is if you put 2 on a waitlist. NO ONE in HI is taking any more names for a waitlist though.
  13. Wowoow thank you so much for sharing this info......
  14. I wonder, is that per store or total purchase for the state?
  15. pretty sure it's per state. Just got off the phone with my BIL sis and she just got off the phone w/my SA and she said the purse is all set to be shipped out on the 1st and she should get it next Monday the 6th!! Yay! Now I just have to drive down to her house to get it. She lives about 2.5 hours away!! UGH!

    Happy birthday to me!! yahoo!!