Info on Costume Jewelry from Paris-Moscou

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  1. Dita Von Teese wearing the 'Tsarina' choker from Paris Moscou


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  2. Please excuse the blurryness, I had to snap these really quickly when no one was looking :P

  3. my oh my! :love: the tsarina collection is beau-ti-ful!!! i wonder what the price will be.

    thanks for posting the pics peace911_1! was this taken from a lookbook at the chanel boutique?? did they have anything else showing from this collection? :drool:
  4. The Tsarina brooch is around $1500, Vancouver ordered one and I'm first on the waitlist. But my SA is asking me to pay half the deposit soon so she can assure that I will get it because the other SAs want to get their hands on this piece for theire client.

    These pictures were taken from the orderbook, not the lookbook. So it's basically the entire collection, every single item: bags, shoes, jewelry, rtw etc. So yea every single theme/ style for costume jewelry are on there, along with the prices.

    The "gimmick" or "novelty" themes for CJ in Paris-Moscou is 'Tsarina' and 'Matriochka'.

    The 'Tsarina' is meant to made to look like fine jewelry, depicting jewelry of Imperial Russia. It says in the lookbook that it's a collectors item with "attractive pricepoints" (I think not.). Anyways, there is a less dramatic version of the necklace, which is like a tiny bow pendant on chain. The 'Tsarina' ring is also pretty cute.

    And I'm sure the 'Matriochka' needs no explanation :biggrin:
  5. I am not sure how I should react to all those lovely Matriochka pieces. I know most of them have a price tag to match but honestly, they are even more exciting than last year's carousel collection!!!

    It would be premature to speak to my SA about them but I will see what I can do!

    Where is PIC?
  6. Daren't go back through this thread, but has anone said how much the earrings are?

    And any other Matriochka bits (not the bag tho')

    When will they be in the shops? I MUST have something Matriochka!!!

    Sorry if this has already been said, I've not got long on the PC atm.

  7. ^^^S'OK, I found time to look, sorry!
  8. I would love to see the Tsarina ring! The Matriochka earrings are a must-have. This collection has me all in a tizzy! Thank you so much for posting these pics!
  9. Well statesiders, NM did not buy anything from this collection. My guess is only the boutiques will have the pieces. Anyone have any intel to the contrary?

    Love that bow brooch!!
  10. Yea Vancouver didn't order anything from the Matriochka range either.
  11. The earrings will be around $700-$800

    They should start rolling into the boutiques in June.
  12. In which case I will buy up all the earrings stocks, rip everyone off by selling them to you all with a 150% mark-up!!! :lol: Just kidding.

    I hope the US boutiques have them. In fact, I am pretty sure that the Hawaii boutiques will have them.

  13. Thank you, Mon! :heart:

    Hmm, wonder if the London ladies will leave me any - I'll be in the UK July & August. Waaaay too expensive to buy here, I expect :Push:

    Must resist... :roflmfao:
  14. I think I LOVE this entire collection, esp. the Matriochka clutch! but for that $6,100 price tag...:nuts: :sweatdrop:
  15. $6100??? I'd buy a Chanel watch in 10 seconds flat. Well, the premiere one anyways. Does anyone know if the Matrioshka earrings will also have a black/white combo (previous pictures show them as a red and black).
    If they look anything like the clutch, I'm on the wait list.