Info on Costume Jewelry from Paris-Moscou

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  1. Completely off topic, if he's walking the show, who was there to protect King Karl?
  2. ^LOL!

    Yes, I had heard that Karl was using his body guard in his runway shows. I also watched him walk in the Cruise show.
  3. Yea haha he's been walking for Chanel since AW07, he's so hot, I'd give up all my Chanel for him.
  4. Urm, no, I still prefer my freaky costume jewellery collection.......
  5. Gosh..... how did I miss this thread, thanks for sharing the detailed intel and pics, so beauuuutiful and glam... I love the small pins..oh dear around 150euro each, how many should I get to have a good effect on a medium coat?... have to start a fund now...
  6. Can anyone please share the Paris-Moscou lookbook if possible? It really helps me as I can just talk to the SA on the phone with the item number instead of going to the store takes me a long time to drive to and back from the store...TIA :tup:
  7. ^^The lookbook will not be available until May/June.
  8. Hi Smoothoprter. Thank you for the information. Its much appreciated. As you can tell, I am pretty new to Chanel even though I have purchased a few Chanel items before. ;)
  9. wow. Love the muff! I used to collect muffs, I love them, but I dont wear fur. I love this collection. The head peices are amazing! But the prices. I must have the earrings. Oh well I have a long time to save up!
  10. Wow! Some amazingly gorgeous stuff!
  11. :drool::drool::drool: HOW MUCH FOR THIS GORGEOUS ACCESSORY?????????? :heart:
  12. :wtf::drool::roflmfao::roflmfao::cloud9:

    he is too pretty
  13. He's doing it for me! I've come over all unnecessary!!!
  14. OMG I have to stay away from this thread. Everything is just gorgeous!

    And I didn't know that was his bodyguard! I recognize him from a bunch of shows. Very neat.
  15. Some Costume Jewerly close ups!
    credit: Chanel

    Attached Files: