Info on Client Tracker

Dec 10, 2008
I called my outlet today, looking for a couple items. I asked to be put on the client tracker for one and was told this:

They can put you on a client tracker but it only "checks" once per week. If the item happens to be in that day, then they call. If the item comes in on another other day, there's no way to check to see who wants it.

Is this actually the case?

Nancy in VA

Bal & Legacy Lover
Aug 21, 2006
Dont know if it is true but I believe it is. I have been on tracker - never been called - and then found the bag I tracked at the outlet the next day.
One time I did get lucky - I was on tracker for a black Lily and they called me the next day to say it came in.


May 8, 2008
What were you looking for Bunny? How do they know they wont get it? My outlet always tells me stuff like they never know what they are getting ever. Maybe what they tell me is BS then?
I was on CT for a black or tan Varyk Flight bag and they called to tell me they will not be getting that item in.

If i was to be paranoid about WHY they called, I could possibly assume this is part of the "less FP items to Outlet" response where the items may be leaving the FP site but NOT going to Outlet any time soon, or at all for now. This is the first time i've been called about them NOT EVER getting an item I had been on the look out for.


Hopelessly in Love
Sep 28, 2008
This happened to me once as well, when I was looking for the Black Leather Kristin bag. I put my name on the tracker at Leesburg for the bag and they called me and said the exact same thing - good thing I had already tracked it down elsewhere!
May 22, 2007
LOL, I got called for client tracker today...

TO BE TOLD that they won't be getting in my bag.....

TOtal disappointment... shouldn't they just have not called? I would have gotten the same message...

I got the same call this morning for a bag I was looking for back in April. The SA said they would not be getting any in and haven't in a long time BUT they have a wonderful new floorset with Zoes, etc. and I should come in & look at them. LOL


Mar 17, 2009
one of the managers at my outlet put me into the client tracker, but she said they aren't supposed to do that any more...are they getting rid of it? i got the bag from a different outlet as a charge send so it worked out, just wondering if coach is phasing client tracker out for the new year