Info on Cervo Shine and/or Vit. Daino Metallic Pls?

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  1. hi ladies,

    i was just wondering if anybody owns a cervo shine and/or vit. daino metallic leather and can share your experience with the material? is it long-lasting or does it get scratches pretty easily?

    TIA! :biggrin:
  2. Don't have either can't help you sorry. Cerv shine is new so not a lot of info out here yet about durability.

    As has been noted in prior post, always take some chances w/ the metallics--even the Chanel metallic reissues have been cracking and peeling.
  3. ^ thanks longchamp :smile:. i was thinking about getting the new cervo shine satchel/tote or the vitello daino tote (only metallics available on sale now)... but i guess i'll wait until we have more info on the new cervo shine :P:P