Info on Black MC Keepall

  1. I have a friend who, on a whim, bought a black MC keepall 55 (or at least he thinks it's a 55) from an LV store a while back, when JLO was modeling it. That is SOME impluse purchase, huh? :wtf: :yes:

    Anyway, I told him I'd try and find out some info about it... is it a discontinued/limited edition piece? If so, do you know when it was discontinued?

  2. I think they only make it in 45
  3. ^^^ yep, only 45, I don't think it's discontinued, just harder to find these days.
  4. It's part of perm collections just like other MC bags..
  5. Hmmm... thanks... I will have to ask my friend to measure his again... heehee
  6. I have one and that same ad SOLD me mine because I fell in LOVE with it!!!

    its just hard to come by, not disc.

    only a 45,
  7. ^ Thanks! My friend also said that he got his b/c of JLO's add too! It must've been a hot ad! :graucho:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. ^[​IMG][​IMG]
  10. When I first saw that bag I was like oh man its for girls! but then I saw the ad and went that very day and bought it!! I dont care any more, I would carry the white one if I had it! im confident
  11. That's HOT! Are those both 45s? The one on the left looks bigger than the one on the right, but it could be the angle...
  12. Okay, my friend just measured and yes, it's the 45. Not that I doubted anyone, but it's good to confirm! ;) Thanks everyone!
  13. Anybody know how much the MC keepall retails for? TIA!
  14. It only came in a 45. both are the same :smile:
  15. $2,740.00 and if there is an increase, im thinkin around $2,900.00ish