Info on a few Scarves...aren't we guilty of examining and framing?!

  1. Sorry if people have already discovered this, but since a few collectors like to know the background behind their pieces...I found the following interesting:

    As a preview:
    "More than just a scarf

    Hermés silk scarves are not merely fetishes for the trendy, who want a bright and impressive fashion accessory for their image. Every handmade scarf (since 1937 Hermés designers have created some 950 subjects) is also a true work of art for the many connoisseurs of those exhibits that have been gathered together over the years in the Hermés collection. Indeed, people who know a thing or two about silk and silk printing look at these scarves as if they were paintings: they put them in frames and use them not only to decorate themselves, but the walls of their homes, while artists and designers use them for expensive interior decor"

    And I am sure we have a few framers on tpf!
  2. Yes, I love scarves as art. Thanks so much for the link. I loved reading the info on Tohu Bohu, my all-time most favorite H design. Here's a pic I posted on tPF a few weeks ago of my Kelly en Caleche vintage-style scarf framed for my office:

  3. Stunning!! I have been looking for that piece!
  4. I HATE framed scarves - I inherited a few (anyone looking for a frame for their scarf?) and I decided I would rather wear one of them.

    Outside of the frame, it was faded, studded with holes, and needless to say, the folds were nonexistant.

    Everytime I wear the scarf, I pet it, appologize to it, and then mutter curses against my aunt.

    I don't know what I am going to do with the others.
  5. Maybe Auntie put them into frames because they were damaged. You can hide a multitude of flaws with the right color matting. Take a good look at the others. If they're in equally poor condition, keep them framed and sell them as is. Obviously, there are plenty of people who will enjoy them on the wall.
  6. Kallie Girl, I love the way the Kelly en Caleche turned out. Personally, I really like the idea of framing scarves. They are beautiful works of art but also more personal because I'm a scarf collector. I'm currently looking for one to frame, if only I could pick a pattern, there are so many to choose from and I love them all!
  7. I don't think, once they are framed, that they are meant to be removed and worn. Framing would damage the integrity of the scarf's ability to be worn. When framed, the scarf no longer is seen by me as a clothing accessory, but rather as art to adorn my wall and bring me joy every time I see it.
  8. I have one that I'd love to frame......a very, very old "Comedie Italienne"....faded in places with some color bleeds here and there.....but oh so loved.

    I need to get off my tuckas and take it to the framer.......I think I'll do that today!!!!!!
  9. Beautifully framed scarf Kallie! I have several 90cm scarves I would love to frame but I wish there was a way to prevent damage to the silk :sad:
  10. Awww, thanks GUCCI. I think we can do the best we can regarding damaging the silk. Mine is hand sewn to the mat, but there would likely be holes where the needle went through the silk. I think if there was a scarf I wanted to possibly wear again, I would get two ... one to frame and one to wear.
  11. Kekekeee... Kallie Girl, I think this a problem for me as well. I would love double of all my scarves... you know, just in case! :rolleyes:
  12. Your scarf is beautiful in a frame. I have two I would like to frame, but can not find someone experienced in doing this. They are already old and rare and don't need someone hurting them anymore; so experience is key. How did you find the place to do it, if I may ask?
  13. Kallie Girl, that is beautiful!! What an interesting way to enjoy a scarf. I never would have thought of it, but it makes perfect sense. I can see myself now, clearing my walls...:woohoo:
  14. I made a pillow out of one
  15. GH, at the very least, be sure to use UV glass, an acid-free mat and hang the piece out of direct sunlight. And make sure the frame is as airtight as possible.