Info.New December Red spy but.......

  1. :search: Hi, did not know if anyone would be interested in this bit of information just obtained from Fendi in Selfridges, London. I think someone else wrote a bit about a black spy in puffa material well in December they are bring out a Red one in the same material, she said something about it being quilted......I asked if they was doing it in leather and she said they have not been told yet what colour the leather spys are going to be. If I can find out more will let you all know.
  2. Do not know if anyone knows this, Fendi it seems have teamed up with a company who makes outfits for skiing the new bags, which I have learned has just come into Fendi Knightbridge store, are made like a skiing jacket, padded inside with feathers!!!!!!!!!! they come in Red, Black and Green. Have know idea what this would look like it doea not sound that great but who knows......might be OK just wish it was in leather
  3. Ooooh sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing the info!
  4. Interesting! But IMO spies need to be in leather to be rugged but luxurious at the same time, or some fancy exotic material like embroidered wisteria. I saw a picture of the Montcleur in another thread and it looks like it was made from garbage bags. How I wish it was in leather!
  5. u mean REd Garbage Spy:wtf:?
  6. that what you call them good name.....yes red garbage spy and green. Cannot say I like the idea of walking round with a bag that looks like a ski jacket but I have not seen one in real life so they might look good.
  7. It just looked funny, all poofy and puffy and cheap. If Fendi comes out with spies like that, I worry people may lose the ability to tell real ones from fakes in future.
  8. I have just come back from London and saw the black one of these, they really do look like a puffa jacket turned into a spy. These also look like they could tear really easy or one catch and the spy would be ruined with feathers sticking out of it. I to cannot understand why Fendi have done this, the assistant told me its to go with a Jacket Fendi have done with this ski company.
  9. so true
  10. im so gonna pass on these spies ...
  11. I saw the red spy in Sydney Galleria its not very nice at all. It just looks cheap and nasty.