INFO-NEW!2.55 coming for the holiday

  1. Look out ladies.

    Soon to be hit the market.
    2.55 will come in
    Silver with silver chain,
    Gold with shining gold chain and hardware,
    Copper with copper chain and hardware
    All of the above are calf skin metallic finished. Very shining.
    Plan to be available November 1,2006
    At your Chanel Boutique.
    For someone who in love with patent leather.
    Navy Blue patent( This time is real navy) with gold hardware.
    White patent with silver chain also Black patent with shining
    gold hardware and gold chain.

    Coco Cabas will be available in smaller size and more choices of color
    Black, Silver metallic, Copper Metallic, White and Teal(more like blue).
    The look of it are about the same as the current collections except;
    NO CC logo on the body of handbag, Will have CC icon charm.
    Estimate size 18" and half way of the bag toward the bottom will have diamond stitching on the bag.

    Lots and lots of new accessories that have pearl with black logo printed on
    with ribbons attached.

    New ring and matching necklace that made from natural seashells... so fantasy.

    Lots and lots of belts which will be around 3K range.
    Redone necklace which similar from the movies Devil wear prada due to high

    Next season is all about SHINING!! SHINING!! and more SHINING!!

    If anyone have more infos please post the pictures.
    I will try my best to get some photos.
  2. ^^^ thanks for the great info!! will the new coco be leather, vinyl, ???
  3. thanks for that! too bad for me though i don't like metallics or shiny stuff :sad:
  4. I am up for one of the new cocos.
  5. Thanks for this great post :flowers:. I so want a metallic 2.55 and I think a smaller cabas is perfect, the only thing I'm not really into is part of the bag being diamond stitched and the other regular leather. I just wish they'd stick to the same design, huge CC's and all.
  6. Thanks for the info! I can't wait to see what the smaller cabas tote looks like!
  7. Interesting. I can't wait to see these.
  8. Oh yes ! I want a silver chanel ! Thanks !
  9. I wonder if this is the patent one ?
  10. Wow i wonder what the navy patent 2.55 will be like and also the teal color of the smaller coco cabas and how much smaller it will be :smile:
  11. Thanks!! Cant't wait to see some pics.
  12. Thanks for posting! I can't wait to see pics
  13. Oh Yessss.s.
    That's the color of navy which will come out for cruise 07.

    Coco Cabas new smaller version are all in calf skin leather even
    with a little new re-design which have a stitch on the bag me and
    all my friends really love the look and the size.
  14. I will be in the market for a blue-grey bag soon. The new Coco in teal sounds like it might be a good choice. Price in USD?
  15. Ooohh........I SO want the silver 2.55!!!! :love:

    Thank you for the information!!! :flowers: