Info needed: What are the clutch options?

  1. I looked quite a bit around the style reference section and thought that the "flat clutch" was discontinued. So I'm planning on getting a Shoulder clutch instead. But I noticed this pic in another thread:


    Can someone educate me on all the clutch options available. And how these compare to the Shoulder clutch for use and size. I want to get her someone as an alternative to a First or simply carrying a Money wallet.

    I typically "get" most of these bags, but just when I think I know the range I see another pic of something.

    Thanks and have a great weekend! :tup:

  2. Hey Jim, if I'm not wrong there are currently 2 types of clutches available. One is called the Handle Clutch, which is what you're seeing above..

    The other is called the Envelope Clutch which is almost as big as a First and flaps over. Sorry can't describe it better, do a search for pictures :smile:

    There is also the Makeup (pouch) which some people use as a clutch, and the Shoulder, which I *think* is smaller than the Handle/Envelope clutch.

    I have not seen any IRL though, so someone else can help you out with that!
  3. i looooooooove the envelope clutch. can anyone tell me where there's a good selection of these, outside of bal ny (they make me feel so guilty b/c they usually only take out one bag at a time and then they hover over you while you decide...)
  4. Jim~ Check the thread in the clubhouse "cool clutch club" it shows all the different clutches. I have an envelope which I love! Very classy and holds quite a bit...only drawback is no strap ( you have to hold it under your arm or in your hand)~ HTH
  5. Oh, I wish you'd asked a couple of days ago. There was a stunning, totally drool worthy 04 lilac clutch on eBay, but someone snapped it up already.
  6. Jim! ;) there's the makeup clutch, the shoulder (which looks like the makeup with a strap) the two listed above, a flat clutch (which is pretty big, there is one on AFF right now to look at) and the Aumoniere which was discontinued but I have seen them at NM recently. :tup:
  7. there's also the pochette, which is a foldover clutch only available in regular hardware...
  8. So pretty!! I love the clutch. Be sure and take pics of you and your fiance showing of her beautiful gifts.;)
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  10. Thanks all for the advise. I'm planning on a shoulder clutch. But I did want to know the size of the handle clutch.

  11. hey guys, do u know hw much is the envelope clutch? thanks!!
  12. Nordstrom Sacramento has one in Black - I think it has GSH - I talked to my SA today and asked about an EB in GSH and she said all she had was black. Bal NY had Tomato and a couple other colors a couple of weeks ago.
  13. Nordies rack in Sacramento (Howe Bout Arden) has 3 shoulder clutches for $278 (1 greyish blue, 2 light blue I think blue glacier?)
  14. The flat clutch is around 8 by 10 inches. It is as big as a first only no depth. I have a black SGH and LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
  15. When I was researching clutches, the flat clutch confused me as well. The discontinued version had regular hardware, the new one is only in GH. I believe both version are the same size (~8x10), which is considerably larger than the shoulder. Hope that helps -- and if I'm wrong, I hope someone can correct me. :flowers: