Info needed please - I'm getting ready to sell a purse...

  1. on Ebay - I won't say what it is - but I bought it on Ebay - new - from a well-regarded seller. I checked it out here first, of course! I've never used the bag - never even put anything in it! I've decided I can't keep it - still going back and forth at times - but I need to pay down some bills!

    I'm wondering if I should refer to the original seller in my listing. I've seen some other listings where people have done that. I had originally thought I'd sell it here in the Marketplace - but I applied and I guess I haven't been on the boards long enough - who knows - but I can't use it, so I'm forced to go back to Ebay.

    Any hints or advice would be great! Thanks! :shrugs:
  2. maybe mention in the ad that you bought it from a well respected ebayer and that you are happy to give them the name if they want it? That way you are not giving away the name, but offering it if required. They probably would be able to find the link through your feedback too if they really wanted to. :smile:
  3. Good idea - thanks chloe-babe! :yes:

    By the way - the purse I'm going to sell is NOT my Paddy!
  4. If it is a Chanel or LV you might have some trouble. Chanel pulls auctions all the time on authentic items & then ebay will have you send in proof of purchase. It can turn into a mess.
    I would ask the seller first if they mind you refer to them in your listing. If you are new to selling bags & the seller you got it from has a good rep it might help you get your bag sold faster & for more if you put that info in your listing instead of just saying you got it from a reliable seller. Good Luck:smile:
  5. More good ideas - Thanks! It's not Chanel or LV - good thing! I think I will contact my seller - I'll ask if they mind.

    The knowledge on tPF is astounding! :yes:
  6. You can contact the seller and let them know that you are selling the bag you got from them and would it be okay to mention them in their listing.

    I did that when I sold me LV. The seller even allowed me to use her pics!
  7. You can list them if you'd like, or keep it to yourself. Remember, people want to buy the bag, not a story. If I just bought a bag on Ebay and I'm trying to resell it, then I would list their name.