Info needed on this bag!

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  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know anything about this bag, the name, when it was made, etc....It is metallic taupe suede, that's all I know......Also any opinions would be great! Thanks so much....

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  2. Hi, you might want to go to under the autumn/winter 07 collection to get more details but I believe it's the "Koala". Sorry I'm new at TPF so I still haven't figured out how to paste the site. Hope this helps!
  3. Yes - it is the Koala. There is a review of it on the Bag Snob. It is $1695 at NAP.
  4. This bag has really grown on me. It is super glam and would look amazing for nights out. I would love to see it in person.
  5. Yes! Beautiful bag. I love the metal hardware. I am sitting on my hands to keep from buying another metallic bag this year! I have 3 metallic Choos already...but I just love them!
  6. I did buy it on Net a Porter. It is really beautiful. I'm trying to decide whether to keep or return (I have 7 days to decide), just because of price and how much I will use it. I do love it, though...I love metallic too!
  7. Marla - The picture on the NAP site looks pewter-y silver, even though the color is listed as metallic taupe. But the picture you posted is not silver looking. What color is the bag?
  8. I know. When I saw it on Net-a-porter, I thought the same thing, that I was buying a silver bag (even though it said taupe). The color is a taupe/light brown glittery color. It is really pretty, but different than it shows online.
  9. Marla - I bought a Tayten in a color called "brown glitter." It is a light milk chocolate with a metallic silver shimmer. It looks like your Koala color. When you received it, did you see the words "brown glitter" anywhere?
  10. No, nothing about the color. On the sales receipt, it just says metallic suede. Do you have a picture of yours? I'd love to see it.