Info needed on the Small Chain Strap Betty

  1. Well, against my better judgement, I ordered a Chloe chain strap Betty (small) from Bluefly :wtf: today and now I can't find another one like it anywhere which makes me wonder if it's authentic! So far I've seen the chainstrap with a leather tab where it should rest on the shoulder and this is not on the bag I ordered. I know these are limited edition so I was hoping that they are just hard to find. Anyway, I'll try to paste the pic of the bag that I ordered and when I receive it tomorrow, I'll decide to keep it or not.

    It's just weird that as soon as I ordered it, the bag was no longer available....did I get the last one?

    Please post if you have this bag!

  2. dear bagluvah:
    hi, here is mine from lvr.

    hope this helps...
    MVC-028S.JPG MVC-029S.JPG
  3. Thanks so much, Morgan! It makes me feel better to see that this style does exist!

    Your bag is gorgeous. I just hope mine is authentic. When I get it in maybe we can post pictures and should arrive today.

    Thanks again!
  4. dear bagluvah:
    how did it turned out?! mine is smooshy and pf friend varified it's authentic.

    if you have doubt, then you can try to order the other betty style from AR which i feel is a great deal too!
  5. Hey all,

    Received the chain strap betty from Bluefly and although I loved the color, I just didn't like the leather. It had some bad creases in it and the little coin purse looked abused! It had the 6 digit serial code...what did yours have Morgan? I think it had been sent back several times. Plus one of the rings looked weird, like the metal was cheap...

    Anyway, I sent it back the same day. I guess I'm just a paddy girl! Besides, I would have been going nuts trying to authenticate it. :rolleyes:

  6. Like this PFP I like this bag. I think it's authentic but Bluefly will not come down in price. Bagluvah returned this because she felt it had some damage to the coin purse. Those of you who've dealt with BF, do they every clear out if an item has been around for a long time?:s

  7. Okay the question above is a mute point now.

    That scrappy used bag has sold?????? and here's the rub, I might have bought the darn thing myself, sniff!:sweatdrop:

    That cream, chain Betty was at Bluefly forever and I was lulled into the belief that BF would mark it down significantly. Boy was I wrong.

    See, I loved her too!!
  8. One of my favorite Chloe's is the black patent tote that I got from Bluefly, it was about $400 off retail, and then I used my 15% missed you code, which still put it over $1100. It is authentic, and I get so many compliments. It may have been a return, but it looks great and I love it!!
  9. Susieserb, I think lil white Betty is back at Bluefly again!