Info needed on the Leopard clipper or Tote.


Hooked on Classics!
Mar 11, 2007
London, UK
I have always had my eye on the Mulberry Leopard Clipper or tote, and I did a search here to find that a couple of you guys have the clipper.

I love the LV Speedy and Neverfull, but I dont want to be a sheep and have what everyone else around my town has, especially as half of them are probably fake, and I think the clipper or the tote would be a unique alternative.

I just cant make up my mind which one to go for. Both the clipper and tote have pro's and con's but they are the same price, so I just cant decide!

Have the leather straps patina-ed nicely like the LV Vachetta leather does? Has the scotchguard stood up to daily wear?I plan to use whatever I buy daily, and in London it will probably take a beating.

Any info would be appreciated. :smile:


Apr 17, 2010
Hi Halzer

Perhaps i can jump in here - I have a Louis Vuitton 50 keepall and recently purchased the Simple Clipper in mole cognac scotchgrain leather.

I can't tell you specifically about the patina on the leopard given mine has a smooth leather trim, not the natural saddle trim on the Leopard. What I would say, though, is I have to baby the LV a little more because of the vachetta and when it was new was very conscious of it being handled by cabin crew, airport security etc. I dont have to worry at all about my Mulberry clipper as the leather is hardwearing, and in a funny way I'd quite like it to get a few grazes to add a bit of character!

I also live and work in London so I know the stresses a bag must put up with!! For that, I'd say the clipper does a better job, although I love my keepall! I hope that helps somewhat. I used my clipper over Christmas and it is amazing how much you can fit into one!