INFO, INFO, INFO, from the LV store in Boston!!!!

  1. Ladies and gents, you will not believe this:

    I went to the LV Boston store again today, to buy yet ANOTHER agenda and the SA that helped me said, "Where did you get that bag?" I said, "here, two days ago", he wanted to know who helped me and I told him the young ladies name.

    Get this: He says she made a mistake selling me the white bag and Freetoes the brown bag!! That the bag is not supposed to come out until AUGUST 1st, not July 1st!!!! So then the manager comes over and sees it and says, "Uh OH, I;m in trouble".

    They were very nice about it and told me to enjoy it because no one else will be getting it until august. They joked, "you've got a one of a kind--at least for a month!!":lol:

    Remember when I said that the Monogram Lockit bag is supposed to be august? Well, I guess the suhali and monogram lockit bags were all supposed to come out together.

    Anyway, if anyone has seen this in the US or bought it let us know so we can figure out when this bag is SUPPOSED to be out.
  2. Right on. How cool. I love being able to get stuff before it launches, it makes it that more special.
  3. I just hope that poor girl doesn't get in trouble! I mean, she sold 2 of the three they had!!!!
  4. Wow that is a good mistake on their part for you! You're two are very lucky ladies--I'm glad that they let you keep it!

    Did you get another agenda when you went??
  5. bravo, congrats

  6. Yea, I got the Suhali PM Agenda in Geranium. I felt stupid to post on it though as I've bought like 3 agendas in the past month that I can't pick one I like!!!:shame:
  7. ooh sounds pretty- I :heart: that color! I think that everyone would enjoy seeing it:yes: I would keep all of them if I couldn't decide! :graucho:
  8. which 3 agendas did you get and which sizes??? I love agendas! I just bought 3 of them too! LOL!
  9. Well, I kinda didn't do that on purpose. Sometimes I think I want something then it doesn't work out. I first got the Vernis Framboise agenda, then bought the Hermes agenda, then I decided I didn't like the Hermes agenda and went today and got the Suhali agenda which is the PM like the Vernis one. I love it though. I need to have an agenda that has calender, notes, address, monthly view of calendar, the LV one just has so much you can put in it!!
  10. Awesome on the handbag :smile:
    post pic's of that agenda. I'd like to see the color irl. Its ok that you cant make up your mind LOL we all do that.
  11. heehee! mistakes are fun sometimes!! :yes:
  12. I just hope that girl doesn't get in trouble cause she was gonna call me as soon as they got the Monogram Lockit in!!!!

    Oh, gee, that doesn't sound like I'm worried about her, does it? It sounds like I'm worried about me..... I do feel bad for her though!

    Dang these bags!!!!!!
  13. Sounds like someone got super lucky! Congrats.
  14. Haha, that's awesome!! Congrats to you and freetoes for having a unique bag until August! wooohoo!!

    (i hope the sweet SA doesnt get in trouble)
  15. Okay, what bag was this?