Info I just received from BalNY for 2008 colors

  1. I thought to let you all know about the reply I have received from BalNY about their 2008 colors.

    "The S/S 2008 Bubble Gum is a peach color and the Sky Blue is darker than the light blue of 2005. Electric Blue is similar to French Blue. I hope this helps. "

    Sorry, I am just asking about the Bubble Gum, Sky Blue and Electric Blue as those seems the color that interest me at this moment.

    I guess for us who missed the French Blue, there will be another opportunity next year. I am very curious, what may Sky Blue looks like. The Bubble Gum seems yummy though :nuts:
  2. Thanks!!
    I'm wondering what the Sand Beige will look like .....
  3. Thanks so much for the info. It looks like Spring 08 is going to be breaking my piggy bank!!!!!!:p
  4. Peach? Sounds promising! Thanks for the info:tup:
  5. Peach!?! Oh, I hope so!! Thanks for sharing!
  6. I'm wondering why they called it "Bubble Gum Pink" if it's actually Peach.
  7. Thank so much for sharing, Gallicaroses!:yes:

    Peach = BubbleGum Pink??:confused1:

    Which part of the peach do they mean?
  8. oooo i can't wait for peach!!! sounds yummy to me.
  9. Thanks for the info.
    I'm so excite for Electric Blue!!
  10. ooo! i can't wait for electric blue too!
  11. I'm wondering if Sky Blue is the same color as that Neiman's Limited Edition bag...

    Maybe the Electric Blue is sort of a "do over" of French Blue since they had production problems with the French Blue. ;)
  12. My thoughts exactly! That seems really odd. I'm looking forward to seeing swatches. I'm definitely interested in electric blue now, even though the name was scaring me previously.
  13. Can't wait to see the bubblegum pink!
  14. I'm pretty certain that the "new" Sky blue is not as dark as the NM Anniversary bag, but a slightly darker version of the 2005 color.
  15. I actually confused too, why they called it Bubble Gum, I have a peach tree in front of my bed room and everytime I keep looking the peach, I still have no clue which pink she referred to. It doesn't seem like a bubble gum pink as far as I concerned. But we don't have anything in pink this year, so I am in for whatever pink or peach they will have.