Info From 1-800 number

  1. I tried to order the Legacy Shoulder Bag in Rose tonight from a boutique. There were 5 left & it wouldn't let her order. So I decided to call the 1800 number tonight to see if I could order that way.

    Here's what I was told - #10328 Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag is still in Rose, White, Brown & Blue. Yes, blue - not pond. Don't know the difference. There were 5 Rose and 1 Blue and I ordered one of each. I have no clue what the blue will look like, but I can always return it. I didn't get numbers on the brown or the white. Anyone know what "blue" is? I'm hoping it turns out to be Pond! LOL

    #40240 Legacy Stripe French Wallet $188 - these are selling for $330 on eBay! It is backordered, avail on 6/5, and I could pay and order it tonight, which I did. This is the satin stripe, not the new Oxford canvas stripe.

    #40247 Legacy Stripe Large Beauty Case - Sold Out and not coming back

    #40239 Legacy Stripe Coin Wristlet, $88, also backordered and avail 6/5. I could have ordered but chose not to.

    #92038 Legacy Stripe Pouch Key chain, $58, in stock and avail to order.

    ETA: I was in the Roseville, CA boutique tonight and was very disappointed in the service. There were two SA's, never once smiled at me, not friendly at all. Seemed put out by looking up items for me. Mind you, no one else in the store. Two people walked in, looked around and left. I was returning a Katy and they acted all suspicious, asked where I purchased, I said Walnut Creek, to which she responded "Isn't that a Factory Store"? Uh, no. I didn't have my receipt, but had the receipt that comes in the box when they ship to you. I was told that didn't count as a real receipt so I could only get merchandise credit. I said that was fine and I understood. I was quizzed as to why I didn't have the regular receipt. They were rude the whole time. First time I've experienced this at Coach. I love my regular boutique and have been treated great in all the other boutiques I've been in. When I was in there, I was thinking, if they can order this, I'll return it at my boutique and repurchase there so they can get credit because these two ladies are so rude! I was almost relieved the computer wouldn't let my order for the Rose shoulder bag go through. I won't ever stop by this boutique again.
  2. and i just talked to them on that # as well and asked about the agenda #60062

    and she said all it was showing was that it was unavail and was NOT able to be back ordered,,,,
  3. yucks. i'm sorry you had a bad experience.
  4. thanks for the news!

    i just ordered a pond bag and expect to get it soon. I also backordered the coin purse wristlet so i can't wait. I might have to get a coin pouch key ring now ;).

    I am sry you had a bad boutique experience ut don't let that stop you from buying COACH.
  5. Just called and ordered the Legacy shoulder in Rose (4 left now) and the striped coin wristlet. The SA said the coin keyfobs weren't available. That's really a shame the SAs were so rude to you. I would complain to the manager.
  6. I'm so sorry you had a bad experience. Have you considered letting the manager know? This is a business, after all, and they need to know if you aren't being properly treated. You'd be doing them a favor--imagine how much business they're losing!
  7. Post pictures of your shoulder bags when you get them in. I'm interested to see what the blue is and always love to see pics of the rose. :yes: TIA!
  8. coin keyfobs not available? aww i might call later cuz they have me intrigued.
  9. Oh, I want the rose shoulder bag SOOOO bad!!!

    Hey, how about the ponytail scarf? Look what the website says:

    LEGACY STRIPE PONYTAIL SCARF Though its striped pattern is from the Coach archives, nothing is more modern and now than this adorable ponytail scarf. Tie it on to liven up any fall outfit.
    Imported silk
    2 1/5 x 35
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif]Multicolor available online on 6/13
    Price: $38 Style No: 98087
  10. ^^ i just got one of those on sunday from a boutique in short hills, nj and the SA said it was the last one --> sold out as of now.
  11. I think they are able to see your purchases in the computer. I would have told them I bought the bag at the PCE or whenver you did, and give them the appx. date. I think they can look that up. They may have seen the other one(s) you bought and thought you were pulling a scam. Tell them you were able to get it at the outlet cheaper and want to return the FP bag.

    I think when the # of an item goes low, they have to fax in the order. The manager should have been able to do that for you. When I got the rose bag that's what they had to do!
  12. Well it looks like the ponytail scarf is coming back, hopefully. I think I want it. Oh, I do want it. LOL!

    How do you like yours?

    I have such thin hair that I hope it will work for me. It's shoulder length so I'd think it would be long enough.
  13. Aw phoey... I just called the 1-800 number and asked about this key chain and they told me that it was completely sold out, not available for back order, and not available in any boutiques. :crybaby:
  14. Thanks so much for the info!! I've been dying for that wallet!! Woooo-hoooo!!!!!
    BTW, sorry you were treated so terribly, I just don't understand that at all.
  15. Oh, I'll still shop from them, just not that particular store. They were just cold from the minute I walked in, before even mentioning I only had the shipping tag and not the receipt for my return.