Info for H clutch please..

  1. Ladies I fall in love with H clutch,I guess the name is Jige clutch (sorry for the wrong spell).It has letter H from the same leather in front of the bag.
    Do you gals know how much the price in your country?I know the prices are different depends on the leather.I think because of the size and price I prefer the epsom.I knew from the SA that they got 2 types for inline matterial.But I prefer not from leather for inline because of my nails.I'll cry if I got it scratched.:crybaby:
    Can you please help me with the price info?:sos:
    Thanks before..:heart:
  2. What size---the large one that holds papers, or the little one that is more like an evening clutch?

    Oh, and welcome!
  3. Love the Jige!
  4. I like the little one for evening clutch..:heart:
  5. Saw one in etoupe in HK at USD2050. Not sure if they have big or small size, but should be the big one. I think it's in clemence leather. I think it's nice, but find a little bit expensive as it looks like a big envelope to me without any compartments.

    I sometimes see this clutch (used) on eBay, maybe you can check it out, it's about USD1000.
  6. I found 2 past eBay postings on the H Jige clutch. The first one without bids at USD800 and second one closed auction with bids at USD595.
    Jige.jpg jige2.jpg
  7. i looked at a few last week in NY, i think they were in the low to mid 3000 depending on leather? maybe little less, if you call any store they can tell you easily. now go buy one sweetie !;)
  8. Diamond lover,the price in eBay are very interesting but I just afraid to get the fake one..:sweatdrop:
    For USD2050 for me the price are too expensive for a small bag just like u said (agree with u)
    Haute couturess,thanks for the reply,I really want to have one but still thinking how to find one from ebay or I just star saving now to get it from the H store..:wondering
  9. I love my black box jige, it fits loads of stuff in and it is the pm size
    Clutch bags are really in for this Winter
    Marc jacobs is charging 3700 uk pounds for one of his "It " Clutches , I know which one I would prefer

    you could always post any e bay finds on authenticate this
    my jige has a blindstamp
  10. An evergrain PM (without the leather lining) was around $1850. :tup: Box was about the same price.
  11. ardneish,crochetbella,thanks for sharing..still working on it..Hope I can get the beauty soon..:rolleyes: