Info about the Monogram Embossed, Mirroir, Monogram Leopard

  1. Just wanted to post some info I found from the LJ LV community about the prices and availability of these bags (may be old news for some). Enjoy! :jammin:
    lvnew.JPG lvnew1.JPG lvnew2.JPG lvnew3.JPG lvnew4.JPG
  2. $250,000 for a clutch!?:cursing: :wtf:
  3. it is gold lol, btw T4P
  4. The mono leopard is due to launch in Aus 15th Sept too. The SA said that the frame bag is called the Edele (sp??) and is $5150 here in Aus :wtf:
  5. Wow! when is the miroir coming out ? What size is it in Pap?? 26 or 30?
  6. the Mirrors are coming out in December here in Australia. i think my SA said the Papillon will be between 26 and 30. they still don't have the price as of last week.
  7. [​IMG]
    Seriously.....if we did buy this, would we even use it for fear of getting it dirty:confused1: !!! If we are freaked:hysteric: out about getting vachetta dirty, this one would throw us over the edge.....Thank god this isnt my type:shrugs:
  8. no kidding? What kind of market is LV trying to target now? $15K for the hobo??? :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: Count me OUT!
  9. Does anyone like the leopard Stephen bag? It's on hold for me. Yikes, it's expensive though.
  10. Hi KathyD - I saw it yesterday in the store. Its enormous! I mean like luggage enormous. My SA and I were saying that its way too big for a handbag. Is that what youwanted it for?
  11. The papillon is a size 26.

    Jeeze...I thought the Miroir pochette will be something like $530...I don't know now....$590 is a bit too much for a space bag.

    I may just save the money and buy an FP instead :shrugs:
  12. i love some of them.. but they're way too expensive.. *sigh* i'll just drool over them when other PFers get them...
  13. Yes,
    I wanted it for a handbag, not luggage, so I guess I'll call the SA back & tell her to put me on a list for something from the mirror line. I don't want to spend that much either. Thanks for letting me know it's that big.
  14. thankks, deluxeduck... want one ....;)
  15. Karman... oh! i think the 26 is quite small for me.. im 5'61/2 and 155lbs, i may look likie a trying hard teenager.. lol