INFO about the gucci sale!

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  1. Ok, do tear tear both of my SA's were off today :tdown: but i spoke to the sweetest lady that gave me a glimpse of what will be up for grabs! :yahoo:

    She said this years sale will be limited, because they are moving things to their classic line :crybaby:but here are the items that she thought i would like:

    Canvas: peggy, elsicpe, positano – special with embroidary and straw only, the canvas will probably not be on sale and the one i want...the Blouvard (500) !!! :smile: and they are all about 30% off

    and guccisma - the treasure ($1000) store has it in brown

    Shoes: most of the cruise line stuff will be on sale but the maryjanes i want will not :sad:

    NO jewrly..last year was the last time they marked that down (I KNOW IT SUCKS :sad: :sad: :sad: I LOVE THEIR JEWELS!! hehe)

    well i hope that SA is supposed to call me tomm!!!

    and Girls, please add to this list when you talk to your SA's!! Let's try to get a complete list of what will be on sale to use as a refrence!!


  2. I actually just got back from Gucci and they have a lot of totes on sales (mostly with the pink lining). They also have a couple of totes with the white leather lining. They had some of last years leather bags with the chain link and red ribbon interlaced with them. They had the bamboo bags with the floral design (greens and pinks). They had some of the Grace line (leather with the yellow ribbon). They had the princy line in white and a few hobos in white as well.

    They also had all the totes with the light blue and pink pipping on sale. This includes the fanny packs :graucho:
  3. Are the Abbey or New Britt on sale? Anyone know which totes will be on sale?
  4. once again...sniff...PLEASE post ALL GUCCI SALE info in the GUCCI SALE THREAD at the top of the Gucci forum!
    Thanks a bunch!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.