Info about Somerset line

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I e-mailed Mulberry last week to hear if the Somerset shoulder bag was discontinued since it has been on sale. I really fell in love with this bag and I wanted to know if it would reappear in new leathers.This is the answer I got:

    [FONT=&quot]We are carrying on with Somerset bags for AW09 in different leathers and colours – the new collection will start to come on line roughly the middle of July.[/FONT]

    Wihooo! Am so happy now! :yahoo:
  2. Ooooh, sounds good! So we'll maybe see something online in the next week or so then?
  3. Or even this week!?

    Anyway thanks for sharing the info... :nuts:
  4. Yes, next week there ought to be some new bags to drool over online :nuts:
  5. Somerset shoulder in rouge noir - yummy
  6. bluecat - :drool:
  7. Ohhhh I'm full of hope for more new Bays... also have a plan to go to Westfield next week... :happydance:
  8. thanks for sharing - will keep an eye on the website...
  9. you lucky UK girls! Have stores AND outlets :greengrin:
  10. Thanks for posting, I love the somerset range....I wonder what colours they will use...

    I didn`t realise that they came in as many colours as they do...Red,green orange

    and many more...don`t think that its been done in blue yet....
  11. Thanks for the info crazykitten! Really looking forward to their new collection now!
  12. Thank you i love the somerset shoulder bag i got in sale so can look out for more now as it was my first one.
  13. Ooh I am excited about this! Love the somerset line!
  14. ooh ooh that is exciting! Am definitely going to have to get another shoulder in a special colour.
  15. Maybe new messenger's