Info about repairing cracked Lumi handle

Dec 11, 2006
I bought the Empreinte Lumi in London on vacation last Jan. To be fair, it was used a lot, but I take care of my bags. Unfortunately as many here have experienced, one of the handles' glazing had cracking all along one side. :sad: I brought it in for repair today after speaking on the phone with the main line and told me it was repairable. The SA was very sweet, and proceeded to enter a repair ticket but did not find the code for it. The cracked glaze is a code for the Damier Ebene (confirmation against those SAs who say the cracked DE glazing problem doesn't exist!!), but not for the Empreinte line.

She wasn't sure what to do and I didn't have my receipt on me. She asked a manager, and they agreed to replace the handles for free.

Just an FYI for anyone else who might experience this problem.

It was a really nice experience after having to go in for a repair, that they did the right thing. I wore my bordeaux mirage speedy and all the SAs complimented and swooned over it, so it was a nice pick me up. Ha!! I also bought the amande strap for my alma after wait listing since April with no word, and I just happened to ask about it, and they had one that just came in that week!!