Info about Plum Quilted flap? *Pic*

  1. Hi,

    Can anyone give me info about this East/West bag?

    1) Is the color still available (purple)? If so, is it a current season color? (I'm not sure which colors are produced each year, if anyone has info on this, I'd love some :smile: )

    2) Is the price still $1050?

    Pic from loveone7, member.

  2. ooohh i have that too :nuts:

    1. the color is no longer in production. it was a fall/winter 06 color

    2. I believe the price for the east/west has increased to $1350
  3. Oh Jen, I'm so jealous! It must be lovely! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I wonder if they will reissue the plum, or a similar purple. Perhaps info on what colors they'll have can be found at the trunk shows?

    Thanks for all the info so much!!!
  4. ^ hopefully they will! then you can get your hands on one too :nuts: I'm not sure how to find out what colors are coming out and I dont know if it's announced at the trunk show since I've never been but if you go, let us know!
  5. Jen,

    I am a newbie but am awed and inspired by you ladies...

    After reading about the shows in some earlier threads, I've already rounded up my usual purse-shopping suspects to go to the Chanel show at Neiman Marcus in L.A., and maybe the boutique one, since it's the same area. I will definitely ask about the colors.

    If anyone is not going, and there is any question you would like me to ask them for you, just let me know! :smile: As some may know from the Balenciaga board, I'm kind of shameless when it comes to obtaining purse info, hehe.
  6. you go girl!! Gotta love a lady who knows what she wants :yahoo: have fun at the trunk shows!!