Info about Louis Vuitton & Robert Wilson

  1. I have 2 scarfs one in bright pink and one in bright orange, where it says Louis Vuitton & Robert Wilson.

    The LV store in Copenhagen has confirmed, that they are authentic, but I was hoping that some of you girls in this part of TPF could help me out by telling me more about these items? :smile:
  2. It's part of the Robert Wilson Flouro (sp?) line that was released in 2001ish I'm vague on the date if you go to the reference section there is a subsection of bags by season you'll find the collection in there
  3. Do you have pictures?
  4. Thank you for the link :flowers:

    Yes I have pictures - but they are more or less impossible to capture because of the bright colours.
    lvorange.jpg lvpink.jpg
  5. very cute you know these will go fab with the Bonbon pochette from this season the styles are similar
  6. I'm not even sure, if I dare to mention this, in this part of TPF, but I'm not really a LV kind of girl except for my Epi pochette :shame:

    That's why I needed som expert info, before listing these, so that I can raise funds for my next Balenciaga purchase instead :tender:

    So this is a limited edition from 2003?
    Because I noticed one of the bags from this collection was listed on eBay as a 2002 Christmas collection...
  7. wow, I never even knew the bandana's came in those colours, I have only ever seen Green with orange stripes and orange with pink stripes. But they are TDF.

    For listing:

    I have seen these for about 100 - 140 Euro, they are quite rare, I would put as many pictures as possible :smile:
  8. I think it came out in late 2002 and carried over into 2003. :yes: