Info about Disney World, Orlando FL ?! Please

  1. Hi fellow pfer:woohoo:

    I am going to Disney world in this winter break, I will spend 9 days in Orlando. Me and my bf, his brother and my parents will all go there to celebrate the x'mas.

    I look up online couple hrs alreayd, I cant really find many info on it.

    I hope my fellow girl here can give me some idea, how many days should I spend in Disney world, any other place I should definitely visit? like beach, shopping area, great dining...etc?

    I heard about that worth to visit?

    We are all very excited about this trip, as we have never been FL before. lol

    Truly appreciate if anyone can give me some opinion.:heart::love:
  2. I remeber going to Disney world every year with my family when I was 7 until I turned 15 and STILL havent seen everything.

    go to Universal studios and have a blast. lol
  3. lol thank you for your input sweetie.

    I have been Universal in CA last year, do you think they would be different in FL?

  4. good question! not sure as I never went to the one in CA.
  5. the beach is pretty far away. I would go to downtown disney, they have a lot of restaurants Cirque Du Soleil, and clubs. I heard that the parks are pretty empty on christmas day if you choose to go then. I'll be there in 10 days!!!!
  6. Oh I LOVE Disney World! All I can say is have FUN!
  7. epcot,universal studios,..there is TONS to do there!
  8. The beach is not a terrible ride, I think Cocoa beach is probably the closet to Orlando. Second Downtown Disney- they have a website actually and lists all restaurants too. For shopping, there are some nice malls, Mall of Millenia that is upscale, Florida Mall, and a nice outlet mall that was actually just re-done. Never been to Universal Studios in CA, but the one here is really nice. Islands of Adventure is fun, as is Sea World. A nice day trip is to Mount Dora- little town a little over an hour away on a lake, that has all sorts of unique shops, restaurants, and fun things to do.

    One other thing- are you guys staying at a Disney hotel or one near? Some of the ones on Disney property that are not Disney hotels directly aren't that hot- worked in one in college.
  9. I live in Orlando so hopefully I can help you out!

    Normally when people come here to visit, they pick a few Disney parks and spend a day at each (I personally like Magic Kingdom and MGM). You could definitely spend a ton of time at Disney though- there's so much to do! Cirque du Soleil (La Nouba) is awesome, I would recommend seeing it- although I've seen 5 different Cirque shows and now they all seem the same to me, so if you've seen one or a few before maybe skip out. Sea World is pretty cool, and I really like Islands of Adventure at Universal. Downtown Disney has a few restaurants, shops, and a movie theater. If you want to go clubbing, definitely head downtown. There are a bunch of clubs down there. Pleasure Island has a few clubs too. For shopping- there are a few outlet malls in addition to the Florida Mall and Millenia Mall (more upscale). The main outlet shopping places are the Prime Outlets and the Premium Outlets. And the beach isn't that far away. We used to go to Cocoa Beach all the time and it took like an hour to get there. Hope that gives you an idea of where to start :smile:
  10. I haven't been to Disney in years I miss it so badly I love Disney there is so much to do you won't have any trouble finding anything.

    Have a great trip!
  11. I've been to Disney World so many times! I love it. I suggest going to Epcot for 2 days, Animal Kingdom for 1 day (trust me, there's not much to see here..but to each his own..!), Magic Kingdom for at least 3 days, and MGM for at least 2 days. My family's favorite park is Magic Kingdom because it has all the classic rides like the teacups, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, etc. We spend forever at Tomorrowland, which BTW you should visit at night. It's very cool since everything is lit up! MGM Studios is pretty fun, it's like a Universal Studios in Disney. The Coral Reef cafe is one of our's near the Finding Nemo ride. You can watch divers and fish next to your booth in the restaurant. Reservations are recommended. Oh, make sure you eat a turkey leg! :biggrin:
  12. Go to I'm planning a Disney trip for next year and their message boards have been so helpful. The people who post there are Disney fanatics.
  13. I am going next week!!! I'm spending a week there and my friends and I are planning to go to both Universal Studios parks and possibly SeaWorld. The rest of the days, we're planning to hang out at the beach and go shopping at the outlets and Florida mall. One of my friends lives in Orlando so we are going to hang out at her house too.
  14. Yes! Huge turkey legs from FrontierLand! I LOVE Disney. Some people ***** that it's not "fun" enough compared to Islands of Adventure, but that's not the point. Disney is a theme park first and foremost. Disney takes great pains to make everything as consistent and realistic as possible so you really feel like you're in another world. I love that. I love that it's not about cheap thrills. Don't get me wrong, crazy coasters are fun, but they have their place, and it's not at Disney (at least not yet). So keep that in mind. Don't go for extreme rides, go for the details and imagination that Disney pioneered. Which is why it does take a couple of days to really get through each park. Magic Kindom and EPCOT's are a must. After those, you can certainly shift gears to screams and yells of the thrill rides of Islands of Adventure. NASA (cocoa beach) is abt an hour away (with no traffic), so you'll def need a car. I was just in Orlando a month ago, and the traffic was all hours. Mall of Millenia/IKEA, was packed and it took abt 45 min just to get off the interstate, find parking and get into the mall (IKEA is right next to it).
    As for the other stuff, refer to previous posts. Also, if you want not touristy nightlife, try the Orange Ave and Central Blvd area Downtown. They have a few clubs/bars you might like.
  15. My sister always goes to the Outlet Malls there. She has bought some really great things at good prices. There is always so much to do in Disney World, all you need is a tourist book and you wil have you choice of fun things to do.