Info about Balenciaga Work (need ur help!) - newbie to Bbags

  1. hi! i'm a 23 y.o. guy and i'm new here! i can finally support my love for designer bags thanks to my new job. my first choice is an lv damier canvas speedy 30, but after entering the balenciaga forum, i'm having 2nd thoughts!

    i really want to get a balenciaga work! what is the difference between "work" and "giant work"? does this refer to size of the bag, or the hardware? sorry if my question sounds stupid! also, what colors are currently available (that haven't been discontinued).

    also, does anyone have pics of their work bags?

    thanx in advance to those who replied :smile:
  2. The Giant has the new giant gold hardware. You can check out this season's colors at

    Here's a pic of my anthracite work that I sold XXX. It has the classic hardware. You'll love Balenciaga, the leather is tdf and the look is very versatile.

  3. the bags u posted are gorgeous! and thanx for that great bbag reference site. i'm having a better idea now:yes:
  4. hey ya and WELCOME - don't forget there is a SEARCH function - just type in what you'd like to find and it pops up with lots of related threads...

    good luck - hope you find a WORK :o)