info about 07 seagreen styles/brief colors

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  1. I received an email from Joseph at BAL NY about some changes concerning what colors will be available in what styles. Apparently there are some changes. Here are the relevant excerpts from the email:

    I just received confirmation that wewill not be receiving the Giant Brief in Seafoam Green !!! These are the only styles in the "Giant" we will be receiving in theSeafoam:
    Part time
    I am so sorry for the confusion...:

    For whatever reason, production did a group of cancellations on a number of styles and colors that we had originally ordered.
    These are the only confirmed colors we will be receiving in the GIANT
    French Blue

    Then, I asked what colors the non-giant Brief would come in. Here's the answwer:

    These are the colors available for the Brief w/out Giant hardware:
    Black, Cafe , Grass Green, Truffle, Anthracite, white, sandstone, naturel,
    vermillion, French Blue, Seagreen, Marine.
  2. Thanks for the info!!!!
  3. I should have titled the post info about 07 seagreen styles/brief colors. If anyone can do that, please do!
  4. so the brief will come in both the hardwares, i have heard so many different answers to this! I hope it comes in the regular brass bc i really do not like the giant but love the brief style!
  5. I love the giant hardware, I'm so glad the giant brief will be available in the french blue!
  6. Thanks for the info!
  7. thanks! :smile:
  8. Thanks!