Influx of bags w/o Hangtags on eBay

  1. Has anyone noticed this? I was looking at a particular sellers bags...they have several Coaches and other brands. About 80% if the Coach bags do not have hangtags. I have seen another seller like this lately as well. What do you think??
  2. Sounds fishy, like the Sellers are taking them off and selling the hangtags separately or the bags they're selling are Fakes. I've never taken any hangtags off the purses I've sold - it's part of the overall "Coach" look.
  3. One of my bags came without one. I didnt even know that it was supposed to have one because it was my first coach. And I didnt realize it until about, oooooooh, 5 months later.


    But I didnt bother contacting the seller. I'm sure its long gone.

  4. Ya, if you look on eBay, you will see TONS of hangtags for sale! And some sellers have quite a few.
  5. I sometimes take mine off, particularly medal ones, because they are loud and clanky when I walk.
  6. I took mine off my ergo hobo because it fell off twice. I guess I kept grabbing that instead of the zipper pull. I do know a few people who lost hangtags holding keyfobs because it couldn't take the weight.