Influenced by LV sightings....**PIC**

  1. So, I was spending the day in downtown Auckland (New Zealand) and kept seeing lots and lots of LV. Saw heaps of mono, damier, black epi, shoes, sunnies, and more monogram. It was also lovely because I didnt see any fakes. I must have seen about 20 pieces in 1.5hrs - which is a lot for Auckland.

    Anyway, I was feeling left out (even though I was carrying a Damier Geant Citaden, Epi Wallet (Blue) Groom Cles, Sunnies, and LV Charm and WG Emprinte(?) Ring.) So I found myself inside the LV boutique and this is what i picked up.........

    I feel I was subliminally influenced into buying this because of all the sightings of LV, has anyone else ever experienced this???
    CIMG3946.JPG CIMG3949.JPG
  2. Congrats! I love it!
    I will definitely keep this in mind.
  3. very nice wallet !! youre just addicted, like the rest of us....
  4. Can't say it ever happened to me before... :p

    I'm loving that wallet! Im thinking about getting one, but the coin pocket is keeping me from getting it! Does it feel bulky when in your pocket?
  5. John,

    I have had the same wallet in epi for 4 years, thats what i love about it is the coin pocket. I dont usually acrry it in my pocket, I carry it in my Citaden.
  6. pretty azur wallet!
  7. Nice. Congrats & enjoy!
  8. It looks so nice!
  9. love love love...the Azur!

    Congrats!! :woohoo:
  10. after like a year of seeing my friend with her regular batignolles, i decided to get one too
  11. Nice wallet!
  12. LOL LV addicts will get subliminally influenced with any LV sightings. You were just fortunate to have been able to pop into LV to get your fix!! Great looking wallet!!
  13. that's nice! first time for me to see a men's azur item :smile: i miss NZ, by the way. was there as a tourist 3 years ago :smile:
  14. It looks great. Congrats!
  15. scrumptious!