1. Does anyone have suggestions about constant, persistant joint inflammation?
  2. I have been plagued by this lately, myself. I have been taking Jointace,and think it's helping a bit. I hope someone can suggest something that's better.
  3. You could have something that needs medical treatment. If it persists and doesn't improve, ask you family doctor who would probably refer you to a rheumatologist. There are many autoimmune diseases that include this symptom. Have you been tested for rheumatoid arthritis? Could it be fibromyalgia? That would involve a host of symptoms, though.

    I hope it goes away for you.

    Bromelain is an anti-inflammatory supplement. In food it's found in pineapple, fresh if possible.
  4. Agreed. Unless you know the cause of the inflammation, it is best to have it checked by a dr. Auto-immune diseases often present with joint inflammation, and early treatment can help tremendously in getting and keeping them under control.

    I have osteo-arthritis in my fingers; it is genetic and mine is presnting exactly the way my mother's did. Sour/tart cherry juice helps, as does apple cider vinegar (although that is dreadful to try to swallow) and an EFA supplement (fish oil is a good choice). Getting enough rest also helps reduce inflammatory response.
  5. I would look at your diet too. If you eat a lot of processed foods this causes inflammation. Try taking a supplement- fish oil pills, Omega 3 foods- Tuna, Salmon, flaxseed oil, avocado, almonds, dark colored leafy veggies, berries- blueberries, strawberries, raspberries.
  6. Besides Ibuprofen which I try to save for bad days.........Fish oil, liquid glucosamine and my secret weapon.........tumeric. I used to try and swallow that crap straight mixed in water but then I started distributing herbalife and found they have a product called Restore which contains tumeric and some other natural ingredients. It has worked wonders. I play roller derby and am pushing 40 so inflammation is just a reality in my life!
  7. Get checked for ra by a competent doctor. I had these same symptoms.
  8. I swear by Move Free Advanced with MSM.
  9. Try drinking warm water with a wedge of lemon it will neutralize the acid in your blood and add more alkaline.. And it helps with inflammation which could be caused by water retention..
  10. I've read the Beauty Detox Diet and am currently reading "Crazy Sexy Diet." Both are about nutrition, not a fad diet or eating plan. They address acid vs. alkaline foods and food combination eating to maximize health and digestive efficiency while minimizing problems like inflammation, etc.

    That said, there's no substitute for good advice & a solid diagnosis from a medical profession in conjunction with more mindful and healthy eating habits.