Infini or black emp speedy 30?! Please vote!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I just got the sc pm in black a month ago and now am on the fence about whether I should go with the black speedy 30.

    The store has reserved both for me.
    Is the sc pm noir too similar?

    I had contemplated aurore but now think it's too much for me in the bigger 30 size.

    Please vote: what would YOU pick up? Infini or black??

    Thanks for the help :smile:
  2. I forgot to mention.. I do have other emp bags: the metis in Celeste and Lumi in earth (and I also have the secret long in orient). So no black/navy bags in this line yet!
    I'm thinking that this will complete my emp collection for quite a while now (never say never- Montaigne is still on my radar!)
  3. I have the infini and love it, it is a gorgeous shade of dark blue and goes with everything. Black is pretty but I like the infini better.
  4. I have the Infini Speedy and have seen the black one -- I'd choose Infini over black...
  5. Since you have the SC in Black, I vote for Infini. Black would get my vote without a doubt if you didn't have the SC. I'm getting my Black Speedy today and can't wait!

    Wait....what is the hardware on your SC? If silver, I'm going to change my vote to Black. If gold, I stick with Infini for you.
  6. Infini because you already have black SC!
  7. I vote for infini, because you already have a black bag.
  8. Black!
  9. Infini! Hurry up and get one before they're all gone!
  10. Infini, since you have a black SC.
  11. Compare your Black SC with these two colors, get one Thayer calling your nane the most. I don't think you can have too many black bags
  12. The SC I have has gold hardware - I TOTALLY know what you're saying because if I had sc with SHW, it would've made this decision a piece of cake!
    I think a final decisive factor might be .. after I thoroughly inspect both bags tonight, if the infini has even a tiny scratch on it, I'll take the black. Otherwise, I'm leaning towards the infini. Thanks for your input!
  13. Infini since you have a black sc bag. But why not give the aurore a try..? Its a color you do not have and its different :smile:
  14. I think that because you've limited the use of your sc, having it in black shouldn't matter too much because its likely that you'd use the emp speedy more often. infini is also a wonderful colour. Plus infini will be gone soon! so this might be your last chance...
    Go and check out the two that are reserved and go from there :biggrin: good luck, keep me updated!
  15. I like Infini best BUT I'm not against two fabulous black bags either because I love black bags. Good luck deciding!