Infini Empreinte Speedy

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  1. Would you buy an Infini (navy) Empreinte Speedy or wait for a black one? I wear mostly black clothing and sometimes greys and dark browns. I do love black and navy together. I'm not a jeans person. If you own Infini what have you worn it with?
  2. I, personally, would rather have an Emp Speedy 25 in Infini. I just think the color is a little more interesting than regular old black.

    It almost looks black, but its really a deep dark blue that I think is just gorgeous. I don't own one but I think I would wear it with just about everything I wear. I truly believe its somewhat of a neutral that goes with so many colors. :smile:
  3. I have an Infini Speedy 30 and it's a very dark navy. Everyone thinks my bag is black. It's a lovely and interesting color. I wear jeans or black leggings every day during the week and my bag matches all of my clothes. I have a black coat and a red coat and it matches both of those nicely. The bag is not black, though. If you prefer black, you should wait until March. I would have bought Black had I known it was going to be released. There will be a price increase before March so if that matters to you, take that into consideration.
  4. I own the Speedy Emp. in Infini and love it. Truly, it does not clash with black (looks black at night or in cloudy weather) but yet seems more versatile than just basic black. Also looks great with grey and burgundy, cream, almost any color. You really see the navy shade best when the bag is in direct sunlight ~ a gorgeous color IMO. Given your color palate, I think it would work well for you.
  5. I love my Infini Emp. Speedy - I wear grays, browns, black and denim -- looks nice with all of these. I'm not a big fan of black bags -- Infini is a more interesting color than black, IMO.
  6. i would go for infini over black since you like wearing black, a little bit of color would be nice against your black outfits.
  7. I have the lumi infini and do use it as 'a black bag'.. Every outfit where a black bag would fit, the Infini works just as well. I would wait for the noir if you are looking for a true black.
  8. I agree! Am not a black bag person either this is divine:smile:
  9. Infini for sure :smile:
  10. I am a huge fan of black bags but I think Other designers have more interesting black bags than LV. Infini is a really cool color. I've been using my Citadine this week.
  11. I have a speedy b 30 empreinte infini and I personally prefer this over black. I think it goes with everything because it lo
  12. I have a speedy b 30 empreinte infini and I personally would prefer it over black because it's a very dark blue that almost looks black and it goes with everything.
  13. I have the empreinte speedy 30 in the infini and I am crazy about the color. It goes with just about everything and I enjoy it more than a black bag. :yes:
  14. Infini. It's a more unique color. In soft lightning it looks almost black.
  15. i would get the Infini over black.