Infernos in Macy's stores?

  1. Are there any infernos still in anybody's Macy's stores that I could call about? I was interested in a stellina but the outlets don't have them anymore. With toki bags I always seem to be one step behind and a dollar short! Maybe I'm not meant to have a toki obsession.:confused1: I wanted a citta rosa too but now the prices on eBay are all so over priced....I was having fun buying and using these bags but its not fun when you can't get a deal!
  2. :nuts: I know exactly how you feel, annie!! I wasn't that interested in the Foresta print, but now I've seen the Sasquatches and my heart is theirs!!!! But, everything I've found is either so high I can't afford it or doesn't have them on there at all. I missed the pre-order on the Amore and am now scrambling hoping I can find one with Adios/Ciao Ciao somewhere on there. And since the Lesportsac stores aren't getting the style, then the Outlets may not either. And that's where I managed to finally found the playground print I wanted. :wtf: I can't find the Adios/Ciao Ciao tshirt in a size that'll fit me. I'm not sure if the playground charms would be big enough for me to justify the expense. And don't get me started on my mad dash over the country via cell phone trying to find those sneakers!!!!!
    Toki is stressing me out!!!!
  3. Sorry you're stressed out! I am too! Those charms I'm sure are BIG! I have the necklaces and they're all big pendants. It looks like they're the same size on the bracelet. I finally paid full price for a foresta ciao ciao and love the print but REALLY wanted it in a different style because the only other big bag I have is a ciao ciao! Oh well....You'll be able to get an amore. I think they're trying to create this frenzy! I mean, they've gotta get more bags or what will the outlets be able to sell?
  4. No Stellina but the Macy's in Park Meadows Mall in Denver had one inferno portatelefono left when I was there last week.

    The problem is that if you call to ask about it, they won't have any idea what you are talking about.:confused1:
  5. Keep checking with the outlets, annie!! And have you tried the one in Hawaii? I know that shipping is more from there, but they seem to have more of a selection most of the time. I've seen lots of Inferno Zuccas on eBay as well, so you might get lucky through there. Also, try calling other Macys stores or their customer service line. I know that Nordstrom will do their best to find it for you and get you the number to call so that they can do a charge/send. And if you're still running into a roadblock, call some of the "regular" stores like Metropark or JapanLa. They might have some stashed? Good luck!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks! Would the outlet get more of them? Or would this be the end of their stock since I've already asked them?
  7. Hawaii Macy's don't carry LeSportsac at all. The only places in Hawaii that carry LeSportsac is LeSportsac. That's it. And the outlet hasn't gotten them in yet and don't know when they will. Right now our outlet has original print, black, and citta.
  8. I'm not sure, but I've heard several stories about their stocks of playground/camo playground, so it's possible that they do get in more stock.
  9. I spoke to one SA last week... She said the Playground print is and has been long gone...? I don't know.
  10. I spoke to an SA at southhampton outlet today and she said the inferno stellinas have been gone for some time. She said it very happily like she enjoyed saying it! Snots!
  11. Huh. I got the "run around" a couple of times before I finally got the Southhampton outlet to admit that they had a couple of Playground bellas left, which I managed to get. You might try calling at different times of the day? I noticed that some of the employees are more helpful than others. I wasn't sure what the Hawaii outlet had, although I am now intrigued by the idea of them having Cittas. Do you know what styles and prices? Also, their number isn't listed on the Lesportsac website. Does anybody have it?
  12. google "lesportsac Hawaii" and you'll get it...that's how I got it once and bought a bella bella from them. super nice but you have to do a money order and it takes a lot of time! Let me know if they have citta rosa!
  13. I just called the Waikele LeSportsac Outlet for you... The lady was in such a rush to get me off the phone! She said they sold out of the Cittas and all they have left is Original and Black in the luna and bella bella. Their number is 808-686-9788. A lot of times it's hard to understand what the SA's are even saying because they have harsh asian accents. This lady was definitely Chinese. *lol*
  14. I wouldn't mind an orginal bella bella. She didn't mention how much they were?
  15. No. She was in such a rush to get me off the phone that she hung up on me after I repeated what she had said about what was available. She was like, "Yeah," then hung up.