inferno zucca or inferno something :)

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  1. hi all... i'm so regretting not getting an inferno when they came out. :crybaby:

    i'm looking for an inferno zucca... i saw one on ebay from cass212. any other suggestions on where to find an inferno zucca or any other inferno styles? thanks all :wlae:
  2. for inferno bags, the South Hampton Outlet still has tons of Inferno bags! No zuccas though..Gotta scour ebay for that =)
  3. Yup I was gonna say call up Southampton too!
  4. That one on ebay looks good:smile:
  5. you're soo lucky tokidokiangel! you don't live too far away :okay:

    i'm all the way here in san diego... i just emailed them asking about their stock. if you hear any news... can you post? i'll post when i hear back from them too.... THANKS!!!
  6. When I called SH earlier this week, they were down to just one more Inferno Dolce (after I purchased mine). I'm not sure how much of the other styles remain in Inferno, but it sounds like they're dwindling.
  7. i'm waiting as well for an email back, i want an inferno denaro with the bunnies!
  8. I never have any luck with them returning my emails. :confused1: Last week I had emailed about Dolces and waited over 3 days with no response so I finally called. Glad I did since they were down to just 2 at that point.
  9. lindsey usually responds within an hour or so, but it is saturday and weather is great so they may be reallly busy.
  10. oh no dwindling? maybe i should make my move soon to get some paradiso n infernos...
  11. howdy - lol I'm actually not THAT close to the outlet. From where I live it's about a 2 and 1/2 to 3 hour car trip out there and probably longer if there's traffic. But umm yes compared to SD I am closer :biggrin:

    I actually have only called them up once to find out what they have and emailed them only once too. Don't worry tho .. whenever anyone finds out about their stock it's always posted in the forum. People here are totally helpful :yes:
  12. you can always call up the one in Seattle and Woodbury outlet too :biggrin:
  13. Wow, if Paradiso and Inferno is dwindling on the mainland and we JUST got them in, it may turn out like the original print and us Hawaii girls will be doing some shopping for tPF members!! Hehe.
  14. only now it arrived in Hawaii? I guess I know where to go if I want anymore :graucho:
  15. I too want a inferno zucca (the print seems to match all of my clothes better than the other prints) and I called the Seattle outlet and they do not have zuccas - they did have mamma mias still which I am considering.....good luck! I love infernos!
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